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  Panasonic is proud to announce the launch of four new Inverter Air Conditioner Series — X-Deluxe Inverter Series, Smart Inverter Series, Standard Inverter Series & Eco Inverter Series. Amidst increasing energy expenses and the importance of nurturing a comfortable and healthy living space, Panasonic’s latest Air Conditioners emerge as symbols of innovation and reliability.

“Air conditioners are a necessity, rather than a luxury for Malaysia, and for good reason. Air conditioners provide relief from the heat, making indoor spaces much more comfortable for work, leisure, and rest. We are also cognisant of the increasing awareness about the environmental impact of excessive air conditioner usage, with efforts to promote energy-efficient systems. Balancing the need for comfort with sustainability and cost savings is becoming more important in Malaysian society,” said Dai Nishi, Chief Operating Officer of Panasonic Air-Conditioning Malaysia.

Panasonic also recognizes that modern households are prioritizing the concerns on indoor air quality, escalating energy and the significance of creating a favourable living environment for families.

Dai added, “Our new air conditioning series embraces the tagline “BeyondTheCool”, which demonstrates our passion in building high-quality air conditioning solutions. We go above and beyond conventional cooling, but also keeping sustainability and healthier spaces in mind through innovating new and environmentally friendly technologies to continue elevating our customers’ living or working experience.”

Panasonic’s latest Air Conditioners cater to a diverse range of individuals who prioritize comfort, reliability, and sustainability in their homes. Whether it’s busy entrepreneurs striving to create a nurturing environment for their families or an achiever seeking to provide the utmost quality of life, Panasonic air conditioners are designed to meet their needs. With features like nanoe™ X Technology for fresher indoor air, energy-efficient Inverter technology, and intuitive AI ECO mode, Panasonic air conditioners appeal to anyone who values superior performance and convenience in their cooling solutions.

Key Features and Innovations

• nanoe™ X Technology: Panasonic’s latest Air Conditioners are equipped with the latest nanoe™ X Technology, offering enhanced deodorization and pollen inhibition capabilities, ensuring a fresher and cleaner indoor environment.

• Inverter Technology: Panasonic’s inverter technology ensures precise temperature control to provide consistent cooling comfort, while offering up to 59% in energy savings.

• AI ECO: With AI ECO mode, the air conditioners intelligently adjust energy usage based on real-time temperature variations, maximizing energy savings by up to 20%.

• Aerowings: The aerowings feature concentrates cool air for further and faster airflow across the room, ensuring even cooling distribution and enhanced comfort.

• Comfort Cloud App: The comfort cloud app allows users to connect and control multiple air conditioners from anywhere, anytime, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Introducing the Smart Cooling X-Deluxe Inverter Series (KU)

The KU Series sets a new standard in home comfort with its innovative features and cutting-edge technology. Boasting built-in WiFi and a 5-star energy rating, this series offers unmatched connectivity and energy efficiency. Whether it’s a tech-savvy homeowner or an environmentally-conscious consumer, the KU Series provides the perfect balance of performance and sustainability, ensuring a cool and comfortable living space while reducing energy costs.

Experience Superior Comfort with the X-Deluxe Inverter Series (RU)

Exclusive to chain stores, the X-Deluxe Inverter Series (RU) combines advanced technology with a sleek design to deliver superior cooling performance. Featuring nanoe™ X Technology and AI ECO mode, this series is designed to provide optimal comfort and energy savings. With its emphasis on quality and reliability, the X-Deluxe Inverter Series (RU) is the ideal choice for discerning consumers who demand nothing but the best for their homes.

Uplift Your Space with the Smart Inverter Series (LU)

Designed exclusively for E-COMM & Project applications, the Smart Inverter Series (LU) offers reliable cooling solutions for various settings. With essential features such as Inverter technology and AI ECO mode, this series ensures consistent comfort while maximizing energy efficiency. Whether it’s outfitting a commercial space or a residential project, the Smart Inverter Series (LU) delivers performance one can trust.

Affordable Efficiency with the Standard Inverter Series (PU)

The Standard Inverter Series (PU) offers affordable cooling solutions without compromising on performance. With optional WiFi connectivity and a 5-star energy rating, this series provides efficient cooling for budget-conscious consumers. Whether one is looking to cool a small apartment or a larger home, the Standard Inverter Series (PU) delivers reliable performance at an accessible price point.

Accessible Cooling Comfort with the Eco Inverter Series (YU)

Ideal for budget-conscious consumers, the Eco Inverter Series (YU) offers reliable cooling performance at an affordable price. With optional WiFi connectivity and a 3-star energy rating, this series provides essential features for comfortable living without breaking the bank. Whether one is cooling a bedroom, living room, or office space, the Eco Inverter Series (YU) ensures cooling comfort for all.

Panasonic Is running a “On Lah Jimat & Selamat, Bila-Bila Masa” campaign for their latest air conditioning solutions, which aims to educate consumers about the benefits of inverter technology while promoting energy efficiency and savings.

Panasonic air conditioners will be available starting from RM 1,684 onwards. Please visit your nearest Panasonic authorized dealers or check out the official website, Facebook or Instagram to learn more about the products.