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 realme is thrilled to announce the return of the realme GT Series in the global market, and as AI (Artificial Intelligence) sparks a new wave of market explosion as the next game changer, realme has set sights on becoming an AI Populariser with the GT Series. 

In a recent interview with Forbes, Sky Li, founder and CEO of realme, expressed utmost confidence in making a breakthrough in the high-end market. He highlighted that as a tech brand that better understands young users, the upcoming realme GT 6 will surpass expectations in every aspect. Sky acknowledged the global demand from realme users for the return of the GT series and stated that they couldn’t let this expectation go unfulfilled. 

Facing a variety of flagship smartphones on the market, realme exhibits a fearless competitive spirit. The brand is not only leveraging its existing advantages in performance but is also determined to make significant strides in the AI arena.

The “Flagship Killer” is Back

Positioned as the “New Flagship Killer Powered by AI”, the long-waited realme GT 6 is set to surpass its predecessors. By blending state-of-the-art AI experience and powerful performance, realme is determined to make an impact on the high-end smartphone market with the brand-new GT series. 

AI represents the future trajectory of the mobile phone industry. The emergence of the AIGC era will ignite a fresh wave of market expansion, propelling AI-enabled smartphones into a new phase of growth. To embrace the opportunities, realme is intent on investing in AI innovation and becoming a committed AI populariser. 

The brand has established the Next AI Lab unveiled the “AI+UI Populariser Plan,” and launched its Next AI technology IP, recruiting AI experts globally and integrating advanced technologies from partners like Google, Qualcomm, and Microsoft to quickly bring to market exceptional AI-driven functionalities and innovative UI features. 

“The competition in the industry will shift from hardware alone to a combination of hardware, software, and overall technological capability. AI is becoming the next hotly contested spot, AI imaging, voice and interaction will be the three major trends in the future development of AI,” says Sky Li, in an insightful conversation with Forbes.

With their latest release, realme remains firmly committed to a user-centric approach, empowering young consumers with accessible AI solutions.  

Please find Sky’s full interview with Forbes herehere.