nubia Flip 5G Starting at RM2,499! Marks Inaugural Entry to Malaysia Market on April 15, 2024

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 nubia, the leading global smartphone manufacturer and a pioneer in innovative smartphone technology, today proudly announced the nubia Flip 5G in Malaysia. The nubia Flip 5G marks inaugural entry into the flip smartphone market, catering specifically to the preferences of their first product of this nature. 

Embarking on a new era in this foldable phones market, the open sale date falls on 15 April 2024. nubia Flip 5G has showcased an impressive pocket-sized foldable design, featuring the high-strength hinge AG etched glass. Unique photography experiences equipped with a 50MP dual rear camera and a depth sensor, and offers 6.9-inch ultra clear internal display. Internally, powered by the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset.

Head-turning Pocket Sized Foldable Design

nubia Flip 5G comes with the dual-rail suspended centerboard representing elegance and innovation with its seamless folding mechanism and wrinkle-free display upon opening. Crafted with a durable high-strength hinge and a supple flexible display, the nubia Flip 5G has undergone extensive testing, enduring over 200,000+ folds with resilience and reliability. 

Inspired by the precision art of watchmaking, it boasts ultimate symmetry in its design. Crafted with aviation-level precision, the nubia Flip 5G boasts an ultimate metallic lustre presentation, featuring CNC-highlighted C-corners, ultimate symmetry, and a twice-anodized finish. Enhancing visual allure, the Starlight AG Etched Glass of the nubia Flip 5G provides a stunning visual feast through transparent optical coatings, adorned with micron-sized sparkling sand crystals.

Unfold A Grander View with 6.9-inch Ultra Clear Internal Display

nubia Flip 5G boasts a 6.9-inch 120Hz ultra-clear flexible internal screen and a multifunctional external screen, allowing quick access to various applications without unfolding the phone.  The 6.9-inch Ultra Clear Internal Display with 2790×1188 high resolution, including 95.4% screen-to-body rate. The screen covers 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut, supports 443 PPI pixel density and 10 bit colour depth.

Additionally, it serves as a guardian of your sight and supports four-fold eye protection. Supports a 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming function and has received SGS low blue light certification, safeguarding eye health.

Versatile External Display

nubia Flip 5G comes with a versatile external display that is able to unlock a world of versatility with just a single swipe. Users are also able to access essential information at a glance and stay in sync with real-time notifications. While seamlessly capturing every moment without interrupting workflow by flipping the phone, ensuring swift and convenient communication. Enable instant call-back function with just one click, effortlessly redialing missed calls without the need to unfold the display on. 

Experience seamless viewing with the gravity display in two directions on the nubia Flip 5G, ensuring the desktop remains perfectly aligned with your vision, while enjoying the interactive charm of holding a 3D interactive pet in your palm.

50MP Dual Rear Cameras and 16MP Front Beauty Camera

The nubia Flip 5G equipped with dual rear cameras,  50MP main camera and depth sensor, complemented by a 16MP front camera. The images can be previewed simultaneously on both internal and external screens, offering a unique photography experience by the multi-angle hovering shooting for hands-free selfies. 16MP front beauty camera that enhances your natural charm for a consistently exceptional photography experience.  

Equipped with 4K Video Stabilization featuring anti-shake technology, ensures smooth and steady video capture. It also features night mode, portrait mode, lightning-fast snapshot, real-time filter, etc. 

More nubia Flip 5G important features, include:

  • nubia Flip 5G boasts the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon® 7 Gen 1 chipset with 4nm process.
  • Device coupled with a 4310mAh battery and 33W fast charging. nubia Flip 5G offers MyOS13 ensuring simplicity and convenience.
  • Dual-way smart unlock function, able to unlock devices swiftly and securely with the option of face wake-up or fingerprint sensor. 
  • Mobile NFC door unlocking, providing seamless access with just a tap.
  • Spacious 256GB Build-in Storage
  • Up to 20GB dynamic ram delivers a blazing fast response.
  • Immerse in True Stereo, feel the surrounding stereo sound.
  • Dual-mic Noise Cancellation, collect human voice and environmental noise respectively, and utilise intelligent noise reduction algorithms to effectively reduce call noise.

Pricing & Availability

The nubia Flip 5G comes with two colourways, Sunshine Golden & Cosmic Black with only one variant 8 + 256 GB, and the first sale promotion will be starting from 18 April – 15 May 2024 on Lazada Flagship Store exclusively. 

As thanks to the fans, nubia decided to run a Super Early Bird Program with a price only at RM 2,499 from 15 till 17 Apr 2024. 

For more information about nubia, please follow on Facebook and Instagram, visit us at nubia Lazada Flagship Store and Shopee Official Store.

For more information about nubia, please follow on Facebook and Instagram, visit us at nubia Lazada Flagship Store and Shopee Official Store.