Soundcore by Anker Launches Its First Open Ear Earbuds with Aerofit Series and V30i

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 Soundcore, the premium audio brand of Anker Innovations, today introduced the brand’s first three pairs of open ear earbuds, the AeroFit Pro, AeroFit and V30i. With an increase in consumer interest in open ear earbuds, the AeroFit lineup is perfectly positioned to offer users a comfortable, high-quality listening experience while maintaining transparency with the world around them. 

Enabling users to be present and hear external sounds while listening to music, a podcast or a video, both models under the AeroFit moniker are an ideal solution to help runners and bikers hear oncoming traffic or car horns. The AeroFit line are a hook-styled earbud that allows for the audio driver to sit just outside a user’s ear, leaving their ears open for sound transmission.



Maximum Comfort with Snug & Secure Fit

The AeroFit Pro, AeroFit and V30i utilize a non-intrusive design that features a soft-touch coating that is gentle on the skin. With their ergonomic design, both models in the AeroFit line use an aerospace grade 0.7mm thick titanium wire to help them securely fit around the ear. In order to ensure long-lasting quality while maintaining their tension fit, the AeroFit line has been tested for over 5,000 bends and certified by SGS for durability. For users that want even more security, the AeroFit Pro earbuds will come with a detachable and adjustable neckband, while the AeroFit offer a lightweight design for scenarios that require even longer usage. Weighing at just 9.3g per earbuds, the V30i provides users with a lightweight experience and comes with a flexible hook with soft materials for a snug fit. 

Exceptional Sound Quality

The oversized 16.2 mm drivers in the AeroFit Pro and the 14mm drivers in the AeroFit elevate the audio performance across all frequencies. The titanium-coated dome drivers help produce a better listening experience in the mid and high-frequencies due to the rigid structure of the driver. Soundcore’s BassUp technology also helps produce a robust bass response for added “thump” in the low-end.  

Additionally, the acoustic port helps direct sound from the audio drivers to a listener’s ears for a more directional experience and helps prevent sound leakage to nearby bystanders. 

For the ultimate audio quality, Android users can take advantage of LDAC decoding in the AeroFit Pro in order to provide users with a rich and detailed audio experience.

The AeroFit Pro also includes 360 Spatial Audio, allowing the sound to follow the movement of the user’s head, keeping a listener at the center of it all. 

Meanwhile, the V30i comes with 14.2mm drivers with directional acoustic system for decreased sound leakage. It also comes with the Soundcore Bass technology to give users a satisfying bass experience. 

Natural Audio Transparency

Due to their open-ear design, both the AeroFit Pro and AeroFit offer users Open Ear Transparency, a key advantage of open ear earbuds that enables users to maintain a natural situational awareness during activities like cycling or walking in urban settings. It heightens environmental awareness without compromising the listening experience, allowing users to remain connected to their surroundings, including traffic sounds and conversations, all while enjoying their preferred music or podcasts.

Similarly, the Soundcore V30i features enhanced situational awareness, allowing ambient sounds to remain audible for easier communication and greater security. 

Industry-leading Battery Life

The AeroFit and AeroFit Pro offer industry leading battery life in the open ear category with 11 and 14 hours of playtime (respectively) and deliver extended usage for on-the-go listening during a casual jog or keeping the runner going during a grueling marathon. 

When combined with their charging cases, the AeroFit has a total playtime of 42 hours, while the AeroFit Pro lasts an astounding 46 hours of total playtime. Additionally, if the earbuds are running low on battery, dropping them into the charging case for just 10 minutes adds up to 4 hours of playtime for the AeroFit and up to 5.5 hours in the AeroFit Pro. 

The V30i comes equipped with a playtime of 12 hours, and 36 hours when combined with its charging case. Its fast-charging technology will also give users 3 hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charge. 

Additional Features:

The AeroFit, AeroFit Pro and V30i utilize four microphones with an enhanced AI algorithm to ensure clear calls, customization using the Soundcore app (Android Play Store and Apple App Store), and Bluetooth 5.3 with multi-point connectivity, allowing the devices to be used with a laptop and phone simultaneously.

The AeroFit Pro offers IPX5 water resistance, while the AeroFit offer users IPX7 water and sweat resistance with Soundcore’s proprietary SweatGuardTM technology. 

Anker also introduced the AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone, an ultra-compact wireless microphone that delivers extraordinary audio quality. It features VoiceShield™ noise reduction technology as well as TrueLink™ wireless technology with the LC3Plus transmission codec to ensure the listener can hear the user’s voice with optimized volume and clarity over longer distances.

Also showcased was Anker’s latest addition to eufy Security, its home security line. The eufy Edge Security Starter Kit comprises the HomeBase S380 and Solocam C210. The HomeBase S380 is compatible with all existing eufy devices and utilizes advanced BionicMind AI machine learning technology to identify familiar faces, body shapes, and positions. Whenever someone enters the camera’s field of view, their facial features, body, and movements are analyzed and stored in the HomeBase S380. Meanwhile, the eufy Solocam C210 offers 2K resolution, no matter day or night, to provide crystal clear footage of any activity around your property.

Price and Availability 

AeroFit Pro, RM 799.00. Available in Dynamic Black, Frost White, Aqua Blue and Electric Purple

AeroFit, RM 499.00. Available in Midnight Black and Calm White

V30i, RM 299.00. Available in Black

AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone, RM 1,699.00

eufy Edge Security Starter Kit, RM 899.00

The Aerofit Pro, Aerofit and V30i will be available for pre-order beginning 3 March on the Anker official store on Lazada, Soundcore by Anker official Shopee store and TikTok shop. 

All products will officially go on sale beginning 27 March on Anker official store on Lazada, Soundcore by Anker official Shopee store, eufy official store and TikTok shop, as well as Offline Retail Partners. Shoppers can enjoy peace of mind with Anker’s commitment to quality. All Anker and Soundcore products come with a 24-month “No Repair, Exchange Only” warranty, showcasing the brand’s dedication to providing customers with a worry- and hassle-free experience.