Casio Celebrates 50th Watch Anniversary with Commemorative Timepiece

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 In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Casio watches, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. proudly unveils the TRN-50, a limited edition timepiece that pays homage to the groundbreaking Casiotron QW02—the world’s first line of digital watches with an automatic calendar function. With only 4,000 watches available worldwide, the TRN-50 encapsulates five decades of innovation while staying true to the original Casiotron concept.

Originally released in 1974, the Casiotron revolutionized the watch industry by introducing the concept of a fully automatic wristwatch. Inspired by the insight that “watches simply add up seconds,” Casio combined its digital technologies from the calculator business to create a watch that not only displayed time but also automatically adjusted the month, date, and day of the week—eliminating the need for manual calendar corrections.

The TRN-50 stays faithful to the Casiotron concept while integrating modern features that reflect Casio’s advancements in watch development. With state-of-the-art functionalities such as radio-controlled time adjustment, solar charging, and Mobile Link connectivity, the TRN-50 offers precision timekeeping and convenience for today’s consumers.

Maintaining the original Casiotron design, the TRN-50 boasts meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the sophisticated textures of the case and band to the iconic dark blue face and CASIOTRON logo, every aspect of the original watch is faithfully reproduced, meeting present-day quality standards.

Equipped with a super-twisted nematic (STN) LCD for enhanced readability and a Tough Solar charging system, the TRN-50 ensures reliable performance and convenience. With time calibration signals from six stations worldwide and Mobile Link functionality for smartphone pairing via Bluetooth®, the TRN-50 delivers precision timekeeping and automatic updating of world time zone information.

As a limited-edition timepiece, the TRN-50 features special details, including an original case back design with engraved serial number and eco-friendly packaging made from paper materials. Each TRN-50 watch is a symbol of Casio’s commitment to delivering new value through original product development and electronic technologies.

With the release of the TRN-50 Limited Edition Watch, Casio celebrates 50 years of innovation and excellence in the watch industry. Combining tradition with modernity, the TRN-50 pays homage to the pioneering spirit of the original Casiotron while embracing the latest advancements in watchmaking technology. As Casio continues to push boundaries and deliver new value, the TRN-50 stands as a timeless tribute to the brand’s legacy of innovation and craftsmanship.