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For gamers seeking the ultimate in-game immersion, the Samsung Odyssey Ark 2 G97NC throws open the doors to a whole new world. This isn’t just a curved monitor; it’s a portal to hyper-realistic battlescapes, heart-pounding chases, and unforgettable gaming experiences. The vertical Cockpit Mode makes users feel like they’re in the cockpit of a spaceship, with the Flex Move Screen letting users adjust the display size and location of windows on the screen.

Dive into the Depths of Immersion – Imagine yourself piloting a spaceship through a meteor shower, feeling the G-forces as you dodge debris. Or picture yourself dominating a battle royale, every footstep echoing in your ears as you scan the vast landscape. The Odyssey Ark 2 G97NC makes this a reality. Its 1000R curvature wraps around your vision, pulling you deeper into the game than ever before. No more peeking around corners – you’ll be living the action.

Victory at the Speed of Light – Lightning-fast responsiveness is crucial in competitive games. The Odyssey Ark 2 G97NC boasts a blazing-fast 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, ensuring every action translates to the screen. Say goodbye to lag and blur – your reflexes will be the only factor determining victory.

Feast Your Eyes on Gaming Perfection – Visuals are king, and the Odyssey Ark 2 G97NC doesn’t disappoint. Quantum Mini LED technology delivers unparalleled brightness, contrast, and colour accuracy. Witness vibrant landscapes, lifelike characters, and even the subtlest details come to life in stunning detail. Forget HDR – this monitor redefines what visual fidelity means in gaming.

More Than Just a Single Player – The Odyssey Ark 2 G97NC isn’t just for solo adventurers. Multiview functionality allows you to split the screen, letting you play games, watch streams, and chat with friends simultaneously. Coordinate strategies, react to live commentary, and dominate the competition – all on one screen.

The Sound of Victory – Immersion isn’t just about visuals. Built-in speakers and Dolby Atmos support deliver room-filling sound that puts you right in the heart of the action. Hear the roar of engines, the crackle of gunfire and the cheers of your teammates – all with crystal clarity.

Check out more details about the new immersive screen in the graphic below.

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