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 The Nothing Phone (2) has made a significant impact with its aggressive marketing campaign, bringing attention to its stylish smartphones. Beyond the hype, the Phone (2) boasts a well-designed structure that sets it apart. The glass back features a slight curve, tapering off as it meets the aluminum sides. This design choice adds a level of comfort while maintaining a premium feel, aligning seamlessly with its industrial design language.

Immersive Display

Flipping the phone reveals a larger 6.7-inch, FHD+ OLED display, comparable in size to the iPhone 13 Plus or iPhone 14 Pro Max. The display’s improved 1 to 120Hz refresh rate, thanks to the LTPO backplane, and higher peak brightness contribute to a captivating viewing experience. Notably, the uniform bezels around the edge, while not the thinnest, provide an appealing and symmetrical look. Paired with dual stereo speakers, the Nothing Phone (2) excels in hardware design.

Glyph Interface

The unique Glyph Interface LEDs on the back, a distinctive feature of the Phone (2), include 33 addressable LED zones. While the Glyph Interface offers practical features such as displaying charging percentage and notifying about incoming texts, the novelty factor might wear off for some users. The Glyph Interface’s ability to sync with Uber Eats orders, although limited by regional availability, adds a functional touch.

A Minimalist Marvel

The Phone (2) runs on NothingOS 2.0, which, while not stock Android, retains the best aspects of it. The user interface is minimalist, avoiding clutter and presenting sleek animations. The monochrome option and the ability to make everything monochrome add a unique touch to the UI. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage ensure smooth day-to-day performance. The 4,700mAh battery, supporting wireless and reverse wireless charging, provides decent battery life.

Camera Competence

The dual rear camera setup, featuring a 50MP main camera and a 50MP ultrawide, delivers a competent point-and-shoot experience. While not at the level of flagship competitors, the main camera proves suitable for social media and general use. The Phone (2) lacks a telephoto shooter, which may affect its versatility for some users.

At a starting price of RM2,999, the Nothing Phone (2) offers a compelling package with a great screen, solid build quality, usable cameras, impressive software, and guaranteed software updates. In conclusion, the Nothing Phone (2) stands out as an impressive piece of hardware with unique features and robust software. For users seeking a smartphone that offers a distinct experience from the crowd, the Nothing Phone (2) presents a compelling option. Despite some challenges, the combination of design, innovation, and performance makes it a noteworthy player in the competitive smartphone market.