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Want to live outside the box, but finding your style cramped by squares and straight lines? Bend the rules with the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 to get ahead. 

UnFOLD your world of multi-tasking

Dream big and start at the very top! The Galaxy Z Fold4 is the big phone for big goals. Unfold it for a bigger screen so you can wipe out your tasks in a few taps. Add apps to the taskbar, your multitasking weapon, to navigate quickly and bounce between windows when you’re in the groove.  See the big picture with Multi View where you can run a few apps one screen. There’s no need to minimize one app just to look at another. Use App Pair to launch up to three apps that you typically use together at one go, so that you can complete your tasks on one super-productive screen.  Keep all distractions at bay with the camouflaged Under Display Camera, so there’s no annoying black dot hindering your view. The breathtaking 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display and multitask function lets you feel like you are using two phones at once or a tablet!  

FLIP your photo skills 

When you want to take a wefie with your friends, but there’s no one’s to help, no worries! The Galaxy Z Flip4 comes to your rescue with a hand-free experience. Just bend the phone and place it down. With the Galaxy Z Flip4’s agile angles, you can capture all the group shots, selfies and videos that you want.    You also can take a selfie without even opening the phone. Just use the Rear Camera to take the selfie and at the same time, the Cover Screen shows you the real-time preview. When you take a group photo, you can see the picture from afar with a full-screen viewfinder. You can also tap to see the original ratio in order to make sure everyone is in the frame.  Customers who purchase the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 | Galaxy Z Flip4 from now to 30 June 2023 can enjoy these promos below while stocks last:



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