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 Malaysians! Here is the Best Value Flagship smartphone, the HONOR Magic5 boasting top-of-the-line features such as a 5100mAh battery, Millisecond Falcon Capture Camera, and the best-in-class eye comfort display. Fans are in for a ride of powerful performance and superior user experience.

Get your own HONOR Magic5 with the best telco postpaid plan

Here’s the sweet bit. Malaysians can now snatch their favorite HONOR Magic5 with the best telco postpaid plans to choose from Digi, Celcom or Maxis. What’s more, customers will get 1 year extended warranty and 180 days screen crack protection. Here’s how
Maxis is now offering the HONOR Magic5 at only RM 78/month on Maxis Zerolution with Maxis Postpaid. Switch to Maxis now for a limited time promo. For more information please visit: https://store.maxis.com.my/productdetails/category/mobiles/honor/magic5-5g   For Digi subscribers, the HONOR Magic5 is available on Digi’s PhoneFreedom 365 from as low as RM 41/month. To learn more about HONOR Magic5 on Digi Postpaid plans, visit: https://cd.link/dmagic5    Meanwhile, Celcom subscribers can take home the HONOR Magic5 for RM 1,299 with Celcom MEGA Postpaid today. For more information about Celcom Postpaid plans for HONOR Magic5, visit Celcom website at: https://cd.link/cmagic5 

Ready to discover the Power of Magic? Here’s 3 reasons why the HONOR Magic5 is a must-have:

1) Probably the longest battery life

Powered by a massive 5100mAh battery, the HONOR Magic5 now carries the largest battery in any flagship smartphone of 2023, without jeopardizing the device’s overall size. Thinner and lighter than the Pro version, this makes the HONOR Magic5 even more power-efficient and easier to use for a grip. 

2) HONOR Magic5 Series trademarked Millisecond Falcon Capture

The Magic5 Series is now appearing with their very own-trademarked Millisecond Falcon Capture camera, which can freeze the moments in incredible detail. Every fast-paced action can now be magically captured right away at your fingertips!

3) Eye Comfort Display

The HONOR Magic5 Series also features three eye comfort technologies which are the 2160Hz PWM Dimming in LTPO Display, Circadian Night Display feature, and TÜV Rheinland Circadian Friendly Certification. Such technologies provides that comfortable viewing experience by reducing eyestrain, even during extended use. So, there you have it! With such exclusive deals ready in store, time to grab yourself Malaysia’s Best Value Flagship, the HONOR Magic5. For all you need to know and catch up on everything HONOR, stick with us on: https://bit.ly/HONORMagicDualFlagship