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Refrigerators have become more technologically advanced due to advancements in digital sensors, smart home technology, and internet connectivity, allowing for features such as remote monitoring. Additionally, advancements in refrigeration technology have led to more energy-efficient models and better preservation of food. 

A vault or Doraemon pocket for a food apocalypse

With SpaceMax™ you can store a lot, a lot! Minimise your shopping time because you can buy and store more at one go.

An energy & money saver / Usage pattern tracker 

SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy Mode – AI Energy Mode then analyzes the data to provide useful insights through the SmartThings app to help the user proactively save energy and money.

Lets you experiment with different food and cooking styles 

With the dedicated Optimal Fresh+, the BESPOKE TMF refrigerator lets users store all kinds of foods flexibly, making the storage of numerous food types simpler and more convenient. So one day you can cook Thai, next day western, next day bake a cake or whatever floats your boat.  Check out BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer’s Retail Recommended Price with capacity ranges from 404L to 476L below:

Product Name

Model Code


BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer

476L, RT47CB66448C


            476L, RT47CB66448J

            427L, RT42CB66443P


            427L, RT42CB664412

            427L, RT42CB66443V

427L, RT42CB6644C3

404L, RT38CB66448A

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