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Smartphones are breaking the multiverse when it comes to connecting with other devices. Your Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G can command your PC, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, car stereo, TV and more. These are part of the Awe-Day Galaxy Experiences that you can enjoy with the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G, that are versatile and affordable.

Link to Windows[1] lets you access your smartphone’s screen to read your notifications, make calls, use apps, and copy files to your PC. In other words, they’re twinning! With that kind of ability, imagine how seamlessly and conveniently you can work awe-day if you only need to look at one screen!

Here are some things you can do Awe-Day with Link to Windows:

1.     Drag and drop from smartphone to PC: When you want to access a large number of files or images in your smartphone, you don’t have to send them to yourself through WhatsApp or email like a caveman. With Link to Windows, you can just drag and drop stuff from your smartphone’s mirrored screen into your PC instantly.

2.     Copy-paste your OTP easily: You’re shopping online or doing online banking on your PC when suddenly it requests an OTP! You only have 5 minutes to save the world, tick tock tick tock. Your smartphone could be plugged in to charge in another room or something. Are you seriously gonna get up and walk?! Nope! With Link to Windows, the OTP will pop up right on your PC screen and you can copy-paste it, no sweat.

3.     Pin apps to computer & multitask on multiple Windows: For quicker access to your most used apps, pin them to your Taskbar and Startup menu. You can also open several apps on multiple windows on your PC to multitask awe-day like a champ. You’re welcome.

To find out more about the Awe-Day Galaxy Experiences that you can enjoy with the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G, please have a read at the attached editorial.

Those who purchase these models from now until 30 April 2023 can enjoy these awesome deals:

❤️Get a free casing[2] and a 2-Year Warranty[3] when you purchase either the Galaxy A54 5G or Galaxy A34 5G.

❤️Enjoy 30% purchase-with-purchase on a travel adapter[4] when you purchase the Galaxy A54 5G, Galaxy A34 5G, Galaxy A14 LTE, or Galaxy A14 5G.

❤️Get the Galaxy Buds2 at only RM149 with the 70% purchase-with-purchase deal when you buy the Galaxy A54 5G[5].

Alternatively, you may read all about it on Samsung Newsroom Malaysia: https://news.samsung.com/my/6-galaxy-a-to-pc-hacks-to-kick-butt-awe-day

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