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“Live more, worry less.” 

That’s Dr. Sandra Raman’s mantra; a General Practitioner turned TikTok star with nearly 700,000 followers. She’s a mother of two children who balances her career, family, and passions for educating people about women’s health and mental health. 

 “I started my TikTok journey as a new method to educate the younger generation about health. Stress in my position can be really high as I have to juggle my profession, business, family, passion, hobbies, and social media presence, all alone. I don’t have team or a personal assistant. So, I got myself a Galaxy Watch5 Pro to help me balance my personal and professional lives, and to keep an eye on my overall wellbeing,” said Dr. Sandra.

While acknowledging that wearing so many hats can be mentally exhausting, she believes nothing is more valuable than maintaining good health. “I’ll always emphasize these five major points to wellness to myself and everyone. They are mental health, physical health, food, sleep & environment. All of these has to be good for the heart and overall body to be healthy,” said Dr. Sandra. 

Read on to find out how the Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Samsung Health has greatly improvised Dr. Sandra’s her day-to-day life and helped her in managing her stress patterns. 

Our heart holds the secret to our heart health, physical health and emotional health. According to Dr. Sandra, it is important to regularly monitor our heart rate and body composition as both data informs us the accurate insights to our overall heart health, and possibly discover early signs of health concerns. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro packs itself with advanced Samsung BioActive Sensors, making continuous monitoring on health more accessible than ever before. Thus, Dr. Sandra encourages every Galaxy Watch5 Series users and fans to start prioritizing daily self-checkups.

According to Dr. Sandra, her overpacked schedules could potentially send her into a tailspin anytime, which is why she highlights the importance of practicing self-awareness and self-care regularly. To avoid unhealthy burnouts, Dr. Sandra have set her Galaxy Watch5 Pro to continuously monitor her stress levels. Whenever increasing stress level is detected, Samsung Health will prompt an easy yet effective breathing exercises for her to calm down. “Deep breathing following Samsung Health’s manner can offer profound effects on our bodies and instantly starts to free up the mind to perform at its best”, Dr. Sandra added. 

To recharge her inner peace, Dr. Sandra will tune into mindfulness practices at the end of her overwhelming days. The Mindfulness features in Samsung Health is powered by Calm, the No.1 sleep and meditation app, offering various guided meditation programs, sleep stories and a wide selection of relaxing music that can help anyone be more relaxed and present.

Different people have different ways to self-care. As for Dr. Sandra, she finds spending time with her family actually grounds her. To maintain steady excitement in every family time, Dr. Sandra would occasionally get creative and adds new healthy experiences to her family activities – whether it’s family fitness like challenging a workout routine together, or embark on adrenaline rush adventures like hiking and running. Thanks to Samsung Health’s library of over 120 fitness programs, Dr. Sandra can never run out of fitness routines options to have fun with her family. 

The idea of owning an outdoor smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, motivates Dr. Sandra to explore outdoor activities whenever the weekend rolls around. As someone who’s new to outdoor sports, the built-in GPS navigation features – such as Route Workout, Turn-by-Turn Directions, and Track Back – in Galaxy Watch5 Pro definitely made her journey easier. “Every time I bring my family out for a hike, we won’t have to worry about taking the wrong paths because my Galaxy Watch5 Pro will be our reliable guide, directing us to the right spots,” said Dr. Sandra. 

“Taking a break from urban settings and spending time in the wilderness helps to alleviate life satisfaction, happiness and mindfulness. It’s important to find the one activity that soothes your soul. Mine is breathing the air in the nature,” she added. 

Given the experiences that Dr Sandra had with Samsung Health and Galaxy Watch5 Pro, she recommended, “Figure out what is the core problem of your stress. Then match with the activities that can help you monitor or reduce your stress level. Be it exercise or chatting with friends or meditating.” 

Get informed, get better together, learn more: 

Samsung Health: https://www.samsung.com/my/apps/samsung-health/ 

Galaxy Watch5 Pro: https://www.samsung.com/my/watches/galaxy-watch/galaxy-watch5-pro-black-titanium-bluetooth-sm-r920nzkaxme/buy/ 

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Visit Dr. Sandra’s social media for more health-related educational content: 

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