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FOTILE Malaysia has recently launched a brand-new combi oven called FOTILE One Oven. This revolutionary oven makes you cook like a pro. From steaming, baking, air frying to dehydrating, FOTILE One Oven fulfil all of your cooking daily needs.
This 26L capacity oven does wonders in maintaining the food nutrition and creating a flavourful dish during steaming. Its Dynamic Steam Balance Technology ensures that there is fresh steam supply during steaming to avoid your food get tainted by odour of food from different rack level. Steaming temperature from as low as 30oC to superheated steam of 110oC with powerful steam generated in 30 seconds, it preserves the taste and texture of your food and retaining the food nutrition at the same time. With 4 baking modes such as Convect, Bake, Broil and Steam Bake, say goodbye to unstable temperatures. Whether you are baking a basic cookie or making something more complicated like oven-baked steak, this oven helps to ensure everything is cooked up to your expectation.
Besides, you can get healthy with air frying your food now. Air-fried foods are touted as a healthy alternative to deep-fried foods, thanks to their lower content of fat and calories. It locks in the moisture of your food while making your food crispy on the outside.
On top of that, there’s almost no easier way to preserve food than dehydrating. For the days that you’re craving for healthiest snacks, granolas, backpacking meals, trail mixes and jerkies, FOTILE One Oven can make it happen. Featuring a range of thoughtful design details such as Proof, Keep Warm and 40 Shortcut Menu, this oven is well-equipped to make cooking a truly joyful experience in kitchen. Enjoy this cooking journey with FOTILE by cooking flavoursome foods in many different ways all-year around! Get ready to experience this oven to fulfil your daily cooking needs.