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 Is that tiny, sad spot on your screen supposed to be the supermoon?

Why is your photo of the night city skyline such a messy blur?

Yep, you’ve missed the exact moment of ‘I do’ while fiddling about with your camera feature.

Real talk – there’s nothing more frustrating than running face-first into a terrible case of photographer’s block. After all, you’re not much use as the photographer in your friend group if you keep on missing not just epic moments but also the small, meaningful bites of life that make memories, well… memorable. 

This is the reason that Samsung has been paying so much attention to its smartphone camera since the release of the first Galaxy S over a decade ago. And with its One UI 6 transforming AI technology into the ultimate creative assistant, you can finally transform the idea that’s inside of your head into something real and escape that creative rut for good, once and for all. We look at some methods of leveraging AI to create images that rock (and everyone in your friend group happy). 

Mercury is in Retrograde

That may be so but just how well do you really know the night sky? Sky Guide lets you flex your astronomy knowledge by using AI to analyse your photo of the starry night sky and showing you which constellation, stars, galaxies, nebulas and clusters you captured. 

There’s more to Long Exposure than just beautiful light trails you know. This AI enhanced feature takes short videos (60 seconds or less) to the next level by analysing scenes and applying a long exposure effect so anything that moves can be the subject of your masterpiece – stunning star trails, soft and silky moving water, meteor showers, busy crowds at famous places, night light paintings, and so much more. 

Star Light, Star Bright

Be the first star I see tonight. Samsung’s Nightography mode has been a highlight feature of its cameras in the Galaxy series, but with the Galaxy S23 series, everyone’s favourite Nightography mode has gotten an upgrade; reducing noise with enhanced sharpness to produce high-quality videos, even in low-light settings. 

Through its upgraded ISP-based multi-frame processing technology, Samsung has enabled multiple images across frames to be combined, reducing noise significantly and resulting in night videos that are more detailed and colourful. In addition, an enhanced AI object-aware engine and stereo depth map enables the S23 series cameras to capture portraits in detail, taking night photography to the next level!

Fix It, Perfect It, Enhance-X It

Powered by AI, Galaxy Enhance-X offers comprehensive one-tap image enhancement as well as the flexibility to freely customize and remaster photos, especially in those moments when an unwanted stray shadow, a lens distortion or a lighting imbalance nearly ruins an otherwise great shot. For a more general, all-around lift, Galaxy Enhance-X’s Magic feature leverages deep learning and AI to automatically refine any visual noise, blur and low details, significantly improving the image quality — instantly. 

Galaxy Enhance-X also provides users with a broad range of tools including HDR which analyses highlights, shading, brightness and contrast, expanding the dynamic range of the image and making its lighting richer without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, the Upscale tool boosts the resolution of images compressed by via social media or other messaging apps to under 1MP by up to four times for consistent, sharp detail.

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