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 realme’s Founder and CEO, Sky Li, via an open letter, announced that the brand will go through a rebranding in 2024 with a new slogan. The open letter encompasses realme’s new mission, brand positioning, spirit and approaches. Meanwhile, its new slogan, ‘Make it real’, will appear on the boxes of upcoming realme C67 and future models. 

A Tech Brand That Better Understands Young Users

Established in a highly competitive market, realme navigated the fierce battle with its differentiated strategy: bringing better technologies and designs to young users. The strategy yielded a great outcome as realme achieved a significant milestone in 2023, when it amassed 200 million users worldwide. 

Looking ahead, realme plans to shift its brand approach from a trendy-based strategy to a wide-reaching strategy, that is, to be a tech brand that better understands young users. This is based on its deep understanding of young users. 

Sky Li said, “The focus of our new positioning is not a redirection but an opening up. This will guide our long-term investment and development which will help us better connect with more young users, in more markets, and more regions of the world.” 

With its 5-year brand assets and young users’ recognition, realme aims higher in its standard, with the goal of exceeding young users’ expectations. It restrategised its mission to more concisely capture its aspirations for future development: To let young users worldwide enjoy tech experiences that exceed expectations. Staying true to its initial aspirations, realme is ready to explore new possibilities with greater focus and ambition.

From “Opportunity-oriented” to “Brand-oriented”

Young people have always been at the core of realme. Guided by a user-centric approach, realme will strengthen its competitiveness in three areas: product, technological advancement and brand strength, to achieve long-term and high-quality growth. 

To bring breakthroughs in product strength, realme continues to stand by its “Simply Better” and “No Leap, No Launch” strategies while strengthening the positioning of its three product lines: the GT Series positioned as Next-level Performance Flagship, Number Series positioned as Next-gen Imaging, and C Series positioned as Essential Plus.

In addition, realme will bring the latest technological advancements to its young users by enhancing the product experience in performance, photography, and design. realme plans to collaborate with more than 30 leading tech partners while investing more heavily in research and development. On brand strength, realme remains focused on the young generation and will optimise the customer insight mechanism to be more adaptive and responsive in its approach. 

Embodying the new strategy, realme introduces a new slogan: Make it real. The new slogan retains the spirit of realme’s Dare to Leap while focusing more on young users and bringing tangible user benefits to their lives. For the next five years, realme will stay true to its original intention to be a tech brand that better understands young users while fulfilling their pursuits and emotional values.

Kicking Off New Beginnings with realme C67

The new slogan will be featured on the boxes of realme C67, an upcoming realme smartphone running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 685 processor, It is the first smartphone in the realme C series to feature a Snapdragon chipset, encapsulating realme’s efforts to bring breakthroughs in products. 

Compared to its predecessor, the realme C55, the realme C67 offers improved performance. Its Snapdragon 685 platform secured a total score of over 330,000 on the AnTuTu benchmark, the best at the entry-level. The processor adopts the most advanced 6nm process within the entry-level chipsets, resulting in greater Kryo CPU and Adreno GPU performances that deliver seamless multitasking, gaming and streaming.

In addition to performance, the Qualcomm chipset also lends power to strengthen realme C67’s imaging capabilities. realme C67’s 108MP output is the highest pixel in the segment, and with the Qualcomm Spectra™ Triple ISP, users can effortlessly snap stunning photos with sharp details. The ultimate photography experience continues with a 3x In-sensor Zoom, which uses 12 million pixels in the centre of a 108MP sensor to capture lossless, blockbuster-like shots.

Its Portrait Mode supports up to 3x portrait shooting with better background blurring effects. In occasions where there’s a lack of light sources, users can still take clear and sharp photos thanks to the Night Mode, which is built on a large 1/1.67” sensor size. DIS-supported realme C67 also brings the fun out of photography with its Street Filters, empowering users to capture enchanting moments in different textures, such as the Cinematic, Tranquil and Crisp.

Meanwhile, the realme C67, which has undergone more than 320 stringent tests, also comes with a 360° NFC, allowing users to enjoy a convenient digital lifestyle like a Champion. It supports Google Pay and more NFC-enabled features.

For more information, please stay tuned to realme’s Official website.