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 Global technology brand HONOR and luxury lifestyle brand Porsche Design launched the exclusive HONOR Magic V2 RSR in Shenzhen, China, today. This special edition of the HONOR Magic V2 is priced at CNY15,999 (16GB RAM+1TB ROM) and is currently available in the Chinese market.

The HONOR Magic V2 RSR is a partnership between both companies to offer customers a luxury user experience in the world of electronics. This venture marks the second collaboration between Porsche Design and a mobile phone brand. Both HONOR and Porsche Design demonstrated their shared commitment to creating innovative products that seamlessly blend exceptional and functional design with cutting-edge technology.

HONOR and Porsche Design Partnership – Pioneering Excellence in Modern Luxury Smart Devices

Chief Executive Officer of HONOR, George Zhao expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “we are honored to work with Porsche Design to explore how openness and innovative collaboration can merge exceptional design and outstanding performance to bring state-of-the-art technology to the premium segment of smart devices.”

Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Lifestyle Group, Stefan Buescher said, this partnership with HONOR marks a significant milestone in expanding the brand’s iconic electronics product portfolio. “With HONOR, we have found the perfect brand partner to drive innovation and offer our customers exciting new products that combine exceptional design and outstanding performance perfectly. We share the same goal of becoming leaders in the modern luxury segment of smart devices,” he said.

Since gaining independence in 2021, HONOR has concentrated on the mid-to-high-end market, achieving remarkable success in just over two years. In quarter three 2023, HONOR ranked first in China’s smartphone market share, according to IDC report.

On the global market scale, HONOR has achieved beyond the 100% growth mark. Three of HONOR’s devices became the Top Ten most searched smartphones in Malaysia. Amongst them is the crowd favorite HONOR X9b at second spot behind Apple.

Why should you own an HONOR Magic V2?

As the Malaysia launch approaches this coming Tuesday, here are several reasons why investing in HONOR’s new generation foldable phone is worth your consideration.

Portability, Ultra-Thin and Light

The HONOR Magic V2 is incredibly slim, measuring 9.9mm when folded and 4.7mm when unfolded, weighing only 231g, making it compact and lightweight without feeling bulky. Its lightweight design takes up minimal space in bags and slides easily into pockets or pouches.

Long Battery Life

A concern when it comes to foldable phones is battery life. The HONOR Magic V2 addresses this concern with its slim silicone-carbon battery, offering a large 5000mAh capacity and 66W HONOR SuperCharge support. 

Professionals who engage in constant smartphone usage throughout the day or have more than three apps running at once, can enjoy extended battery life without worrying about quick depletion.

Bigger Screen

With a large 7.92-inch display when unfolded, HONOR Magic V2 combines the features of both a tablet and a smartphone, making it easy to work on the go and better view.

The large display offers users great satisfaction while watching videos, gaming and enjoying limitless entertainment. For entrepreneurs and professionals, this large screen makes it easy to present data and visuals to clients.

Excellent Multitasking 

When it comes to productivity, the HONOR Magic V2 is greatly helpful in certain situations. The foldable’s multi-window feature allows it to run not just one, but four apps side-by-side for multitasking such as gaming, streaming, work and browsing social media.

Online shopping now is even more convenient, allowing users to compare prices on two ecommerce platforms at the same time. This feature is also excellent for those who juggle with numerous tasks, increasing work productivity.

Strong and Durable 

One of the main concerns of foldable phones is their durability. To ease this worry, HONOR uses titanium alloy to construct the HONOR Magic V2’s hinge. This material is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum, enabling the hinge to endure over 400,000 folds, with 100 folds a day, guaranteeing a lifespan of up to ten years. Notably, the improved hinge design shows no gaps between the phone’s screens when folded.

To prevent overheating during prolonged usage, the phone has a built-in Ultra-thin Bionic VC Cooling System, giving it optimal performance and durability. 

Minimize Eye Strain 

Spending long screen time can cause eye fatigue. HONOR Magic V2 addresses this issue by introducing a 3840Hz PWM Dimming display with Dynamic Dimming that not only minimizes eye strain but also stimulates ciliary muscle movement. It goes a step further with a Circadian Night Display, boosting melatonin levels for better sleep quality.

These innovative features position the HONOR Magic V2 as a game-changer in the smartphone landscape, solving problems often faced by foldable users. This Best Choice of New Era phone is perfect for today’s always-on generation seeking limitless mobility.

Watch the HONOR Magic V2 Launch Live Stream

The HONOR Magic V2 will be launched officially in Malaysia on January 16, 2024. Catch the live stream launch on HONOR Malaysia’s official Facebook page at 8pm. 

For more information about the HONOR Magic V2, visit https://bit.ly/HONORMagicV2PR