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In today’s age of hyperconnectivity, users around the world already live among an array of connected devices, from mobile devices at work, to TVs to refrigerators and robot vacuum cleaners in the comfort of their homes. The presence of over 15 billion connected devices in the world today reflects the vastness of this landscape. More importantly, the increasing spate of cyberattacks globally highlights the need to deliver more secure experiences with connected devices that are increasingly permeating every aspect of everyone’s lives. 

Southeast Asia & Oceania as a region is no stranger to cyberattacks, with accelerating digitalization also leading to individuals and organizations constantly facing new security and privacy threats. A survey by Cloudflare in July 2023 showed that 78% of the 4000 cybersecurity professionals interviewed across 14 markets in Asia Pacific including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam had experienced at least one cybersecurity incident in the previous 12 months. Across markets, web attacks emerged as the most common form of cybersecurity attacks (60%) , with the goal of most cyberattacks being to plant spyware (59%). 

The strongest security and privacy innovations are thus urgently needed to safeguard connected experiences across every device, to help make user experiences safer and more secure, without compromising on privacy, convenience, and productivity throughout the entire ecosystem of connected devices.  

Every consumer and business can thus leverage the Galaxy ecosystem to safeguard every aspect of their connected lives with Samsung Knox, a holistic security platform that offers built-in protection on all Samsung Galaxy devices. 

Engineered for an age of hyperconnectivity, Samsung’s security advancements provide comprehensive and secure mobile experiences for all. This means playing an active role in combating end-consumer threats, by constantly delivering holistic security and privacy innovations that empower users with more ways to do what they love in an increasingly connected world full of opportunities. 

Powerful Innovations and Secure Convenience in a Hyperconnected World


Today, a future where connected devices can protect each other within an ecosystem is possible with powerful innovations such as Samsung Knox Matrix and Samsung Knox Vault. 

This August, updates to Knox Matrix with One UI 6 were introduced at the annual Samsung Developer Conference including Credential Sync, which helps protect sensitive information by ensuring it is only encrypted or decrypted on your Samsung devices. This means nobody but you can see the data that moves between your Galaxy devices, TVs, and Family Hub refrigerators, even if a server is compromised or account details are stolen. 

Knox Matrix is also revolutionizing the convenience of sharing credentials across multiple devices without sacrificing security. Users can also discover new ways to manage and secure identities and credentials through passkeys, as part of Credential Sync. In a significant step towards a passwordless future, passkeys help users switch over easily to new devices without needing to re-sign into their accounts, and only works on registered websites and applications to ensure users are protected against phishing attacks on malicious sites or apps. 

In situations where your devices are lost or stolen, or in the face of hardware attacks with high-end professional tools that stand to threaten your private data, Samsung Knox Vault helps protect the most critical data on your device. As a hardware-based and tamper-resistant solution, Knox Vault safeguards your lock screen information, such as PIN codes, passwords, and patterns. 

To ensure the total safety of security keys which encrypt private data, Samsung Knox Vault constructs a secure execution environment that is physically isolated from the system’s main processor and memory, from the moment a user registers their lock screen. Samsung Knox Vault is available on Samsung Galaxy flagship devices , as well as Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs in 2023, and the wider Galaxy ecosystem including Galaxy A series smartphones with One UI 6 or later  in 2024, so everyone can enjoy hassle-free security across a greater range of Samsung devices.  

Empowerment Through Effortless Security Controls

A device should work for you and not the other way around. Galaxy’s customizability and the freedom to choose how your device works, provides the element of control that is essential to every users’ modern-day mobile experience. 

Developed in true commitment to strong user security, One UI 6 also brings updates to Galaxy’s Permission Manager, making it easier than ever for Galaxy users to decide exactly how much of their data can be accessed by a specific app, and feel empowered to easily navigate an increasingly data-driven world.

One UI 6 comes with the latest security and privacy innovations built on top of Galaxy’s secure foundation ensuring security at every level from the chips up to the apps, real-time threat detection, and collaborative protection with trusted partners. A recently introduced feature is Auto Blocker, which enables users to customize their devices’ security and functionality – be it enabling or disabling sideloading, turning on app security checks to look out for potential malware or opening up Samsung Message Guard to prevent Zero Click exploits on popular third-party messaging apps like Messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram.  

Sharing your personal data often comes with concerns about an invasion of privacy and loss of ownership. Samsung Galaxy’s Private Share  , a privacy-preserving file-sharing function, allows you to share your owned data with a myriad of customizations, including designating receivers, setting permissions and expiration dates, granting read-only access without the ability to re-share, revoke data access whenever and more – so you don’t have to worry about unintended oversharing again.  

Enhancing Security in Southeast Asia & Oceania 

“At Samsung, we believe that more eyes and more heads lead to better solutions. What this means is that our open ecosystem leads to greater and more diverse security practices, instead of more vulnerabilities, while ensuring our users have the freedom to customize their mobile experience. To safeguard this experience, we work tirelessly with industry partners to set the standard for security in Android devices, while also emphasizing the importance of end-to-end protection so you’ll have the privacy you want and the security you need,” said Carl Nordenberg, Regional Head of Mobile Experience Business, Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania. 

Visit Samsung Mobile Security to stay up to date on the developing security issues and the latest security updates or read more on how you can stay secure and connected with Samsung.