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On its own, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a powerhouse. But as a team, together with its Accessories, they become as Epic as superheroes. Combat crazy work tasks, battle boredom, and fight to stay healthy with the Galaxy’s mightiest heroes with this command – Accessories Assemble!

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Superpower: Super everything

The all-rounder and leader of the pack, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a legend on its own. They say its camera is so strong, its 200MP resolution and 100x digital zoom lets you snap objects at great distances – like Jennie at a Blackpink concert or the moon! They sing songs about its Nightography camera, so advanced that you could capture the stars in the night sky with just one click of the Astrophoto button. Blur and noise disappear at work of its superior OIS and VDIS. 

Fact has it that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s revolutionary gaming processor lets you trek across vast lands, topple enemy towers, or race the tracks for hours with its long-lasting 5,000mAh (typical) battery . Ray Tracing and Dynamic AMOLED 2x deliver graphics so vivid and realistic, they blur fantasy and reality. At the same time, a 120Hz refresh rate ensures every action is rapid and fluid because your teammates are counting on you to win.

It is also the guardian of your galaxy with top security and privacy. You can sleep easy knowing your perimeter is secured with Knox Vault. Keep a hawkeye out for any danger or stop a potential breach on the Security & Privacy Dashboard, your command headquarters. March any malware left, left, left, right, left out of your phone!

Galaxy Watch6 | Watch6 Classic 

Superpower: Super strength 

Superheroes may live like they have nine lives, but you only have one. So, take the best care of your body as you possibly can with the Galaxy Watch6 | Watch6 Classic, your ideal personal wellness sensei! Like every superhero origin story, it starts with strengthening your core and character on the long but rewarding journey to becoming the best version of you. Level up your Blood Pressure, ECG, Body Composition, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition and Workout, and you will receive a hero’s welcome on your next visit to the doctor’s. 

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Superpower: Super sound

With super 24-bit Hi-Fi sound quality to stop baddies (but not your music) in their tracks, you can chase the villain called distraction away. Listen to every note, every whisper, from every direction with intelligent 360 Audio. When it’s time to focus on your mission, shut out the world with ANC, so you can hear your own thoughts clearly.

Galaxy Tab S9 Series

Superpower: Super vision

Whether you’re battling a mile-high work pile or busting boredom with entertainment, the Galaxy Tab S9 Series gives you super vision to see and do more on multiple screens. Did we mention this superhero comes in three sizes, so you can hulk up from the Galaxy Tab S9 to the Galaxy Tab S9+, to the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. 

S Pen

Superpower: Telekinesis

Always by the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s side, the trusty S Pen, is a “telekinetic” marvel with Air Command shortcuts and Air Action remote control, besides writing and drawing on-screen.

Galaxy SmartTag2

Superpower: Super tracking

A new and better way to keep track of valuables, especially with its brand new Lost Mode. Assemble your misplaced Accessories in the nick of time.

Phone cases

Superpower: Super sexy

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear phone cases. From Rugged, Clear, Leather, Silicone, to the Smart View Wallet Case, Galaxy S23 Ultra has armour for every occasion and personality.


Superpower: Super recovery

Low on energy? Go from zero to hero with the superfast chargers up to 45W. Tag team on your recharging with other Galaxy devices with the Wireless Charging Duo or Wireless Charging Trio.

Assemble your Galaxy S23 Ultra and Accessories today: