Unveiling the Future: SHARGE Bringing Science Fiction into Reality, Co-branding with “The Wandering Earth II”!

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SHARGE the leading innovator in the power supply industry made science fiction happen into reality. SHARGE Malaysia officially launched a collection of products which co-branded with the famous sci-fi movie —— “The Wandering Earth II”.

SHARGE always strives to create stunning designs, pioneer technology, deliver excellent products, rather than just selling products. The science fiction brings the strength and inspiration, that inspired SHARGE team to corporate with “The Wandering Earth II”.

“Express the hope of creating products that go beyond the norm, using products to bring science fiction into reality. We want to make products that can be used in real life, while ensuring that the appearance of the props remains the same.”   Zhang Bo, founder of SHARGE said.

Meanwhile, Zhang Bo also quoted a line from the movie Star Trek “To boldly go where no one has gone before”, to express SHARGE will keep being different and never let time become boring. 

Meet — Internet Hostkey Power Bank

The Most Sci-fi Power Bank. For Your Dream Desk.

In the movie “The Wandering Earth II”, the Internet Hostkey conceals 30,000 random passwords as a key to start the “Earth Engines”, thrusting Earth out of the Solar System, to a new homeland. SHARGE authentically recreate the original movie props into a robust power bank to save your devices.

130W Fast Charging. 3 Devices at Once.

Internet Hostkey enables charging 3 devices at once by featuring 2 ports of USB-C and 1 port of USB-A. It can enhance your productivity with a total output of 130W and a maximum single-port output of 100W.

Universal Compatibility.

Internet Hostkey allows rapid and secure charging for over 1,000 devices, supporting universal fast charging protocols. Compatible with laptops, smartphones, tablets, portable consoles, and more.

Cinematic Real-Time Charging Display.

The Internet Hostkey allows you to monitor your power status with real-time predictions of charging time and continuous tracking of input/output power. Stay informed about when your devices will be fully charged.

By clicking the [GENERATE] button, SHARGE brings back the original movie setting of “30,000 random passwords.” Immerse yourself in the captivating experience with flashing numbers.

Superior Safety. Built-in USB-C Cable. Safe to Grab and Go.

SHARGE consistently takes safety as the top-priority concern. SHARGE products are also certified for superior safety and approved for use on airlines. Internet Hostkey also features on-the-go charging with its built-in USB-C cable, eliminating the need to carry extra cables in case of a power emergency.

Meet — Space Elevator Magnetic Power Bank

Connection. Between Your Device and Energy.

The magnetic power bank Space Elevator was inspired by the space elevator which connects humans with the space in the movie “The Wandering Earth II”. Now, SHARGE recreate it into an elegant power bank, seamlessly connecting to your device and sufficient energy.

Mini Size. Unparalleled Portability.

The pocket-sized space elevator magnetic power bank measures 70x70mm, smaller than a credit card. It easily adheres to the back of your phone without disrupting your daily usage, whether you hold your phone vertically or horizontally

Snap on Anywhere.

Space Elevator magnetic power bank comes with a strong magnetic force of up to 10N (equals to supporting 1 kg weight). It can securely attach on your iPhone in peace of mind with no accidental drops.

Free from Battery Anxiety Unplugged.

Space Elevator adopted stacking technology to connect double cells in an exceptionally compact form. Enjoy enduring power with a robust 5,200mAh battery that supports 7.5W wireless charging with MagSafe and Qi support. Beyond magnetic charging, it also facilitates 20W fast charging through USB-C port wired connection as well.

Meet — MOSS Charger 40W

Super Charger or Mastermind AI?

MOSS Charger 40W the quantum computer mastermind AI from “The Wandering Earth II”, orchestrator of the Lunar Fall Crisis 2058, now stands as your own awesome mastermind charger.

Super Mastermind. Super Charge.

MOSS Charger 40W, utilising cutting-edge all-GaN technology, achieves maximum output, enabling rapid charging. It can charge your iPhone 8-15 to 50% in just 30 minutes. The MOSS Charger can manage not only one device at once, offering power distribution through both USB-A and USB-C ports for dual charging.

Full Range Compatibility.

The MOSS Charger supports a comprehensive range of charging protocols, including PD, QC, FCP, SCP, PPS, Apple 2.4A and others. It can charge over 1,000 devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, handheld devices, smartwatches, and earbuds.

Smart Enough To Monitor Temperature.

In contrast to traditional multi-ports charger, MOSS Charger consists of an intelligent chip that monitors temperature 100,000 times per day. It can dynamically adjust charging power to prevent overheating.

Each remarkable creation will be discussed and applauded.

Although the physical form may slowly gather dust, the essence will persist, thriving and enduring.

SHARGE “The Wandering Earth II” Collections are now officially launched in Malaysia. Available open sale starting from 1 December, exclusively at Lazada Flagship Store, and SHARGE Official Website.

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