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 BEHRENS, a brand passionate about presenting a unique expression of time, has created B015, the “NAVIGRAPH”. It’s a timepiece inspired by the 2019 3D science fiction movie and novel, “The Wandering Earth”, a disaster film set in the future where the Earth facing the destruction of the solar system and scientists construct massive thrusters to propel Earth out of its orbit and on a journey to the outer space. This watch combines elements of science fiction to create a distinctive and futuristic aesthetic design. Inspired by the thrusters that drive the Earth to outer space in the movie, BEHRENS B015 is presented in 4 luminous ring displays on the skeletonized dial. BEHRENS breaks the conventional time displays by splitting the minutes and hours into two displays at 3:00 and 9:00 positions and a 24-hour indicator at the 6:00 position to define day and night. At the 12:00 position, there’s a Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) display for the second time zone’s hour. Available now exclusively at Red Army Watches, BEHRENS B015 – The NAVIGRAPH Series is retailing at RM13,510.