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Earlier this year, WhatsApp unveiled an enhanced desktop experience for Windows users, and now, they’re extending the same seamless interaction to Mac enthusiasts.
With the introduction of the new WhatsApp app for Mac, users can now engage in group calls from their Mac devices, a feature previously unavailable. This enhancement permits up to 8 individuals to participate in video calls and up to 32 participants in audio calls. Moreover, the app empowers users to seamlessly join ongoing group calls, view their call history, and opt to receive incoming call notifications, even if the app is in a closed state. The newly designed app aligns with the Mac ecosystem, providing a user-friendly interface that caters to the unique preferences of Mac users. This transformation equips users with the ability to be more productive while leveraging WhatsApp on their Mac’s expansive screen. Sharing files has never been easier – simply drag and drop files into a chat. Also, a broader spectrum of chat history can be accessed, providing a more comprehensive interaction history. Emphasizing the crucial aspect of privacy, the WhatsApp app for Mac employs end-to-end encryption for both personal messages and calls. This ensures that your communication remains confidential across devices. Experience the enhanced convenience firsthand – the new WhatsApp app for Mac is now available for download on and will soon be accessible on the App Store. Stay connected and make the most of this enriched desktop experience.