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 Coway, the Best Life Solution Company is on the mission combating the bad air quality with its latest STORM II air purifier, built upon the success of its predecessor, STORM II is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide a total care of indoor air purification experience.  Recently reported, the El Nino phenomenon in the Southeast Asia region for coming months is expected to result in hotter and drier weather which is set to worsen the haze situation in Malaysia . Additionally, some part of Malaysia has been recorded with air pollution index (API) readings of 151 which are considered ‘unhealthy’ based on the country’s air quality rating . Needless to say, the outdoor air is unbeatable to control, therefore Coway has come forward to innovate and care for the needs of everyone with the latest air purifier, STORM II.  The STORM II is redefined with filter size enlarged by 50 percent wider compared to its first generation model, it provides more surface area to capture a greater volume of airborne pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, cigarette fumes, molds, allergens like pollen and dust. With the Copper HEPA Filter (H13), it could remove up to 99.999% of 0.01μm particles, effectively eliminate pets’ odour, human body odour and indoor dust including haze particles significantly improving air quality to provide a haven of clean and breathable air for users. The upgraded STORM II also offers 2.5 times more robust air circulation with an enlarged fan size to enhance wind speed and airflow. With its advanced haze mode and multidirectional airflow function, it helps eradicate stagnant areas by facilitating faster and highly efficient airflow in all corners of a room or space. Users are afforded the advantage of elevated circulation efficiency as the air purifier evenly disperses purified air throughout the space.  The STORM II air purifier has been meticulously designed to offer a tranquil and uninterrupted user experience. With smart mode, when the surroundings of the air purifier become dark for more than three minutes, this smart feature will switch to sleep mode automatically, regulating its operations to uphold and sustain an optimal level of air quality with lower power consumption. It enables users to enjoy continuous usage with whisper-quiet operation with impressively 35 percent saving of power consumption compared to its predecessor.  Coway believes that great products must be paired with excellent services. Same as other products from Coway’s vast range of offerings, STORM II air purifier comes with bi-monthly maintenance services, including filter change to help keep the product in a tip-top condition for years to come.   Get your Coway STORM II air purifier from as low as RM98per month with Coway’s innovative easy-payment scheme. For more information, kindly visit