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From starting your own indie fashion label to releasing your debut track on Spotify, running your own hole-in-the wall café or managing a chain of boutique hotels, some of the biggest lives were once built on the littlest dreams. With the S Pen and Galaxy Z Fold4 in hand, you’ll see that the smallest tools can have the biggest of impact on turning your dreams into reality.

Inspiration never waits

You overhear a conversation that becomes a major plot in your debut novel. A lyric materialises out of thin air on your daily commute to work. You rediscover a childhood picnic spot that’ll be perfect for your next TikTok dance video. There’s nothing like the rush of being inspired, as long as you’re quick enough to capture it before it disappears from memory.   The S Pen features a slim 1.5mm pen tip to write and sketch as smoothly and accurately as putting pen to paper. Paired with the expansive canvas that is the Galaxy Z Fold4, it unlocks a whole universe of creativity. For content creators who dream of creating your own break-the-internet moment, revel in the S Pen’s ability to edit pictures and videos precisely to your liking. Not forgetting, the S Pen acts as a remote clicker when you want to take pictures, so you don’t have to run after clicking the timer button on your device.

A Productivity Mogul

Walking down the street during your lunch hour with a cup of coffee in one hand, you imagine how life would be if you could take your performance to the next level. To be able to work more efficiently and completing your task ahead of schedule is a dream for many. And with the S Pen, productivity is the name of the game. Multitask like a beast with S Pen on your Galaxy Z Fold4 with features such as Glance and Multiview. For those whose work lies in curating intricate designs and frameworks, this will especially help their process using picture-in-picture mode, giving you multiple windows to work with within one expansive screen space. Designed to fit naturally in your hand, the S Pen’s ergonomic design will wow your audience with sleek presentations and smooth transitions. Impress your colleagues by using it as a clicker for pressos! Note-taking for students has never been easier as it effortlessly digitizes your handwriting. This is especially convenient when you need to quickly take in information. There is also the Screen Write feature, where you can use it to annotate documents and draw on top of pictures. It’s time to make your dreams a reality by getting straight As with healthy productivity! For more information about Galaxy Z Fold4, please visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-z-fold4/buy/   Register your interest today and get up to RM400 on your next Galaxy We are 9 days away to Unfold the next Galaxy! From now until 26 July 2023, register your interest at www.samsung.com/my/unpacked/ to get up to RM400 Samsung e-vouchers  to pre-order the new Galaxy! Join us on 26 July at 7:00PM Malaysian Time and be the first to see the new premium Galaxy innovations. The event will be streamed live on Samsung Malaysia’s YouTube, Official Website, Facebook and Newsroom. Stay tuned for upcoming teasers, trailers, and news about Galaxy Unpacked 2023.