HONOR Malaysia Set to Launch HONOR 90 Series this July 20th, 2023!

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 Get ready to witness the grand unveiling of the highly anticipated HONOR 90 Series, taking place on July 20th, 2023, at 8.00 pm. This groundbreaking HONOR 90 launch promises to redefine mid-range smartphones with its remarkable features, including the game-changing 200MP Super Sensing Camera and the revolutionary Risk-Free 3840Hz PWM Dimming eye protection display. Join us for the launch live only on HONOR Malaysia’s official Facebook page to stand a chance to win exclusive gifts from HONOR. With HONOR 90 setting a new benchmark on the mid-range segments, here’s what to expect on the HONOR’s hotly anticipated mid-range smartphone of the year:

1) Revolutionary Photography – 200MP Super Sensing Camera

Prepare to be blown away by the HONOR 90’s cutting-edge 200MP Super Sensing Camera, which puts the power of professional photography in the hands of users. With two groundbreaking advancements, this camera promises to take photography prowess to new heights, offering an unrivaled visual experience. The HONOR 90 is set to become the ultimate choice for mid-range smartphones for years to come, offering users unprecedented control over their photography skills. This is a photography revolution like never before.

2) Revolutionary Eye Protection – Risk Free 3840Hz PWM Dimming

Addressing a common pain point for smartphone users, HONOR has taken eye protection to the next level with the HONOR 90. Introducing the industry’s first-ever 3840Hz Risk-Free PWM Dimming, this innovative feature is designed to combat eye fatigue and provide users with a hassle-free and enjoyable visual experience. By prioritizing user well-being, HONOR ensures that the HONOR 90 is not just a device but a companion that cares for its users’ health.

3) Revolutionary Aesthetic – Design Redefined

The HONOR 90 sets a new standard for smartphone design, pushing boundaries and redefining elegance. Taking the highlight is the N Series Classical Dual Ring Design, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing phases of the moonlit sky with its “Mirror Luna” design. The result? Users will be grasping on a stunning visual masterpiece that harmonizes overlapping circles and ellipses, captivating users with its alluring charm. Brace yourself for the Diamond Silver color variant, exuding opulence and adding a touch of vibrancy to the HONOR 90. HONOR 90 Series Malaysia Launch – save the date! This is a launch surely not to be missed! Be the first to know what makes the HONOR 90 a mid-range maestro, by redefining its class with a revolution of photography and display like no other. Get your calendar marked on 8pm this coming July 20th, as we witness the HONOR 90 unleash before our very eyes – only on HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook page.  For everything else you need to know on the exciting HONOR 90, visit https://bit.ly/HONOR90SeriesPR ###

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