HONOR Magic Series: The Ultimate Parents’ Day Gift for Eye Protection, Imaging, and Endurance

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Getting your hands on the HONOR Magic5 Pro is the perfect Parents’ Day gift for its unmatched screen quality and features that prioritize eye protection. Giving the best for our parents, here’s 3 reasons they deserve the best from the HONOR Magic5 Pro:

1) Superior Screen Display – 3 major eye protection features

The HONOR Magic5 Pro comes with a superior screen display for eye protection, making it the ultimate gift for the elderly. The Super Imaging Camera allows parents to capture any moment within milliseconds, perfect in recording their grandchild’s first steps on the vibrant and eye-friendly screen, preserving the joyous milestone forever.

2) Falcon Triple Main Camera

Empower your parents’ inner photographer with the Falcon Triple Main Camera, delivering exceptional image quality for their everyday moments. For any family gatherings, vacations or special occasions, the HONOR Magic5 Pro surely captures professional-level images. Imagine your parents capturing breathtaking landscapes during a family trip, reliving the memories with the impressive camera capabilities of the HONOR Magic5 Pro.

3.) All-day-Ultra-high-Density Battery

Let’s face it, our parents overlook battery life at times when they are enjoying their favorite drama series or engrossed watching TikTok videos for hours. We’re here to relieve that battery anxiety with the HONOR Magic5 Pro’s ultra-high density battery, providing reliable and long-lasting performance throughout the day. Our parents can now stay connected all day and browsing Facebook and other social media platforms effortlessly. This will bring better engagement with friends and relatives too, knowing that their trusted HONOR Magic5 Pro will last from morning till night without needing a recharge. The HONOR Magic5 Pro offers parents the perfect combination of eye-friendly display, exceptional camera features, and long-lasting battery life, making it an ideal device to cater to their needs and enhance their daily lives. Hereare other options to look out too within the scope of HONOR’s latest releases!

HONOR Magic5: Affordable Flagship Excellence

For students and fresh graduates seeking flagship-level performance without breaking the bank, HONOR Magic5 is the perfect companion. Equipped with the same three eye comfort technologies as its Pro counterpart, it delivers a stunning visual experience while safeguarding your eyes. The Millisecond Falcon Capture feature allows you to freeze precious memories with remarkable clarity. With its slim and lightweight design the HONOR Magic5 fits comfortably in your hand, making it an ideal device for everyday use. Powered by the all-new Smart Collaboration OS – MagicOS 7.1 and Google Mobile Services, it offers a seamless and efficient user experience. That’s the HONOR Magic 5 for you, ready to tackle any fresh assignments or your first day at work.

HONOR Magic Vs: Elevate Work Efficiency and Unleash Creativity

Unlock new levels of productivity with the HONOR Magic Vs, the elite foldable smartphone designed to enhance your work efficiency. Engineered with cutting-edge technologies such as the Gapless & super-light Gearless Hinge, this ultra-light and thin device offers unparalleled portability without compromising on power. The phone’s impressive battery life ensures that you can stay productive throughout the day.  What’s better, the new Circadian Night Display further enhances your viewing experience, reducing eye strain during late-night work sessions. For an added bonus, enjoy the peace of mind with the 180-day dual-screen crack replacement guarantee, only at HONOR Malaysia.  

Family Installment Plan: Spread the Joy of HONOR

The HONOR Magic Series Family Installment Plan is designed to make the magic of HONOR smartphones accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a photography-loving parent, a professional seeking enhanced productivity, or a tech enthusiast looking for an affordable flagship experience, HONOR has you covered. With HONOR 0% interest installment plans starting at just RM4.80 per day, you can bring joy to your family without compromising on quality. Celebrate Parents’ Day in style with the HONOR Magic Series. Visit HONOR’s official website or authorized retailers to explore the full range of HONOR smartphones and choose the perfect gift for your loved ones. Make this Parents’ Day a truly memorable one with the power of HONOR in your hands.