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  Today, Dyson launches the Dyson Zone™, the brand’s first step into wearable technology. The Dyson Zone™ headphones provide a pure, immersive listening experience and on-the-go air purification when you need it. 

This new technology is engineered to tackle the dual challenges of city noise and air pollution. The Dyson Zone™ can we be worn as headphones only or can be paired with the detachable visor for the additional benefit of purified air delivered to your breathing zone.

Dyson engineers spent years of research and development to ensure the headphones deliver ultra-low distortion, advanced noise cancellation, and faithful, full-spectrum audio reproduction. The electrostatic media filters capture 99% of particle pollution as small as 0.1 microns1, and the K-Carbon, potassium-enriched carbon filters capture prevalent gases most associated with city pollution, including NO2 and SO2. The product also has quite an impressive battery life – when used with audio only, the headphones can run for up to 50 hours.

Three things to note about the Dyson Zone™:

– Scientific approach to audio engineering: The Dyson Zone™ delivers rich, immersive audio and relief from unwanted city noise thanks to advanced active noise cancelling (ANC), low distortion, and a neutral frequency response to faithfully replicate music or audio as the creator intended. 

– High-efficiency filtration to tackle pollution on-the-go: The precision-engineered compressors in each earcup draw air through the dual-layer filters and project two streams of purified air to the wearer’s nose and mouth, channeled through the non-contact visor. 

– Real time feedback and controls in the MyDyson™ app: The MyDyson™ app can be used to adjust the airflow speed, switch between transparency and isolation mode, adapt equalization to preference and more. In addition, an on-board sensor in the headphones monitors the air for NO2 levels, tracked live via the MyDyson™ app, alongside real-time environmental noise levels.

Key product specifications:

– Runtime: Up to 50 hours audio only / up to 4 hours in low flow mode

– Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

– Active noise cancelling: Up to 38 dB / total attenuation up to 40 dB

– Frequency range: 6 Hz – 21 kHz

– Distortion: 0.08% at 94 dB 1 kHz

– Filter life: Up to 12 months

– Colorways: Ultra Blue & Prussian Blue / Prussian Blue & Bright Copper

In the US, the Dyson Zone™ headphones will be available in two colorways at Dyson.com and Dyson Demo Stores, and in one colorway, Ultra Blue & Prussian Blue, online at Best Buy.com. Prices start at $949.