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 The camera on a smartphone is everything in this age of user created content – a trend popularised and practiced by Gen MZ. Everyone wants to see your dance challenge on TikTok. They want to know if you submitted your assignment in time for class today. They can’t get enough of your adorable rescue puppy storming your Instagram.
Capturing truly great content is 50% skill, 50% luck, and 100% camera! Whether you dream of having a gazillion followers on your channel someday, or you’re a private collector of wonderful memories, starring your classmates and your dog, camera quality is pretty high up on your priority list when it comes to buying your next smartphone. If that’s what you’re looking for, then here’s why the new Galaxy A14 is the one for you. 

First, let me take a selfie

Everybody loves a good selfie or wefie – all those smiling faces and that one guy who always blinks. In a time where selfie photos and videos are trending, the Galaxy A14 sports an improved 13MP Front Camera for a huge leap in selfie quality compared to the Galaxy A13. At 1.6 times higher resolution than the previous model, you can put your best face forward. Just find your most flattering angle and start clicking. 

Master the details

Meanwhile, at the back of the Galaxy A14, you’ve got the powerful 50MP Main Camera, that brings every detail to life in the highest resolution on your phone. Each shot is a masterpiece with incredible details, and you can zoom in to something you want to highlight, then crop it without losing picture quality. So, at your next lecture, if you’re sitting way at the back of the class and can’t see a thing on the screen, just whip out your phone and boom, the lesson will become so much clearer. 

From wide to up close

Fast forward to graduation day, you are all in your stuffy black robes and mortarboards, and you want to commemorate this proud moment with your hundred or so restless classmates. Switch to your Galaxy A14’s 5MP Ultra Wide Camera for wide and ultra wide landscapes. Your panoramic portrait or video of the entire stage will ensure nobody and nothing gets left out, not even the curtains. The Ultra Wide Camera is also the perfect mode for your travel content when you want to show the sprawling scenery, or a concert with your favourite K-pop band bouncing left to right on the stage. Plus, with so much space, you can play around with stickers and captions to make your content more fun.  As for the introspective among you who love seeing the world up close and personal, your secret weapon is the 2MP Macro Camera. You can capture the tiniest detail like your eyes or the wings of a butterfly and the petals of a flower. This aesthetic is not only great to showcase the beauty of nature around you, it’s also ideal for tutorials, for make-up, art, cooking, even miniature cooking and more. That’s a wrap!
Enjoy free 2 year  extended warranty and 4 years  of updates when you purchase the Galaxy A14 starting 9 March till 31 December 2023.  The Galaxy A14 is available in any Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Authorised Retailers and Samsung Online Store from today onwards! Get yours now: