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 HONOR’s latest foldable smartphone – HONOR Magic Vs – will be launched on global scale on 27th February during MWC 2023. This proves a statement of intent from HONOR, in entering the game with strong line-ups of potential device with ultra-light weight packed with a large battery. 

Ahead of the launch, Zack from JerryRigEverything – who is known for his method of breaking apart devices to discover its insights and device engineering – had managed to unveil the secret behind the HONOR Magic Vs.

Zack mentioned at the start of his review that every foldable smartphone has incredibly complex gear hinge mechanisms. The HONOR Magic Vs changes his perspective entirely. 

In true JerryRigEverything style, Zack begins to tear apart the HONOR Magic Vs from peeling away the screen down to its hinge gear where the ‘Magic’ happened. This reveals the Super-light Gearless Hinge inside the HONOR Magic Vs, having incredibly reducing the number of components from 92 to just 4, thus indicating how such cutting-edge single-piece casting method resulting the HONOR Magic Vs to be 62% lighter than its predecessor.

‘The hinge of the HONOR Magic Vs is a development in the right direction. It’s good to see this level of innovation and to see that companies are not resting on the current approaches,’ said global top tier tech media, GizChina.

From the video, Zack compares the gap between the HONOR Magic Vs and other brand foldable smartphone when folded . Other brand foldable smartphone can be seen with a gap where light beams are obviously visible, while the gap of the HONOR Magic Vs is pretty much gap-free.

Having now revolutionized the complex of hinge gears and ensuring its endurance, the HONOR Magic Vs can withstand over 400,000 folds equivalent to a 100 folds per day over a span of 10 years. Also equipped with an in-built 5000mAh battery, the HONOR Magic Vs is a foldable smartphones with an ultra-large battery among its competitors, giving long battery life on a bigger screen. 

During recent years, the global segment of foldable smartphones has yet to be fully explored. The HONOR Magic Vs aims to solve the biggest design issue met by foldable phones users thus far and aims to become one of the strongest global player in the game.

Expecting to launch two flagship devices this MWC 2023 in the shapes of HONOR Magic Vs and HONOR Magic5 Series, the launch is one to look forward in showcasing HONOR’s technology to the eyes of the anticipating world.

Watch how the HONOR Magic Vs review by JerryRigEverything here: