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For those who are looking for a vacuum that can help you on vacuuming as well as cleaning the floor, RoidMi Eve Plus is definitely a good choice. Recently we have gotten one as being a pregnant mama, I hardly do house work as I am always getting tired. Thanks to RoidMi as it is like having a maid at home.
The set comes with the cloth mop, 4 additional dust bag, 10 pcs one – time mop, and additional 1 pcs filter and electric plug.


After using it for a few times, I found out they are absolutely a great product to go. I have no more problem ensuring my home is simply clean and is it safe for my children and upcoming little one. What I love is the SMART dust collecting and self-sterilizing which brings you the hands-free experience. It is so easy and simple to use. With the large capacity of dust bag, automatic bagging without leakage, you just need to change the disposable dust bag once a month and there is no need to touch the dust or dirt. It has the Deodorizing Particle Generator uses HEPA filter and Active Oxygen technology (often used for medial equipment sterilization) to effectively treat the waste: sterilize common household parasites like dust mites, microbia including Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, toxic chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, and remove the smell of cigarette and perfume. It comes with the Smart Touch Screen where with one touch dust collection, you will be reminded when the bag is full. And most importantly, they come with the sterilizing deodorizing ions where the dirt in the dust bag will remain free of mold and odors even after a month. The dust disposal station automatically empties the robot after vacuuming. The 3L large dust bag, which equals 30 dust bins, can hold waste for 60 days before you replace it easily. Oh ya, there are three reminders for dust bag replacement: voice announcement, LED screen display, and APP notification


They also come with the 2 in 1 vacuum and mop in one device. As we are staying in the apartment, getting something can do both job is definitely a plus for us. They comes with both vacuum and cleaning in 1 machine and it is simply convenient.  And with the micro control chip in the new smart micro control water tank, it ensures the uniform water output as the mop will always kept at optimal moisture and it is capable of mopping at 250m2 area at one goal. And don’t worry, if you have different floor textures from tiles, to wood or even to marble floor, they are able to set the different types of water volume according to you’re your room as well. And the suction power is amazing good where it can LOWER NOISE HIGHER DUST COLLECTION ROIDMI’s comes with the rear suction dust collector which is well equipped with a more streamlined dust collection air duct, and the dust collection port is seamlessly connected to the dust collector which brings lower noise and higher dust collection efficiency. Dust is automatically bagged after entering the dust collector, sterilizing and deodorizing prevent mold and odors. SMART NAVIGATION & MOBILE APP FOR SMART CONTROL We love how to smart navigation works too. With the new generation LDS super sensing laser rader and the smart and precise scanning and mapping, you are ensuring each corner is perfectly clean. And they are built with the automatic AI recognition that able to demarcate and save different area automatically, demarcate forbidden areas and schedule cleaning.  With the app, you can set the cleaning order and plan where they need to clean. With their automatic AI recognition, you can demarcate and save different areas automatically, demarcate forbidden areas, and schedule cleaning. For duplex buildings, separate maps can be saved for each floor. The settings are automatically matched and switched when switching floors. And what makes it even better is there are able to charge on its own and once is done, he is ready to resume to work.  Isn’t that cool and convenient?


ROIDMI Eve Plus is indeed a great home helper where I can determine where I want him to cleanup my home and able to restrict them to enter my bathroom and some places which I  do not want him to enter. It is very quiet and is very convenient to use without disturbing my kids sleeping as well. For mum like me, it is indeed a great product to purchase as it is hassle free and easy to use. No more mess at my home now! VIDEO Overall, the ROIDMI Eve Plus indeed a great helper in our family ensuring our home is clean and safe. To know more about it; do checkout their website @ Product purchase link: Official Website link: