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 HONOR recently partnered with Guinness World Records in testing one of the most sought after features of mobile photography today – the AI-powered camera feature – which is set to be featured by a strong HONOR Magic 5 Series line-up this coming MWC 2023.
The impressive AI camera of the HONOR Magic5 Pro is put into action to capture a world-record breaking moment in basketball. Polish professional dunker Piotr Grabowski – whom is also known as ‘Grabo’ – is attempting to set the world record for the highest between-the-legs slam dunk. Thanks to the HONOR Magic5 Pro, the magic is captured brilliantly. Behind-the-scenes snapshots showed how the HONOR Magic5 Pro is capable in capturing clear and crisp mid-airs shots without anyone actually controlling the shutter. This proves the capability of AI photography as it witness Grabowski achieving his impressing slam dunk feat. HONOR Magic5 Pro: Revolution of AI Mobile Photography We live in the days where mobile photography becomes reliable in our daily goings-on, from photos of our meals, loved ones, travels and pets, all thanks to that little camera lens from our smartphone. Thus HONOR is seeking out the best technological solution for software and hardware in capturing these magical scenes on our phone.  While good image sensors and lenses are vital in the image that it captures, the software comes just as important as it processes the data from the capturing hardware. It is no surprise that brands are turning to the use of AI in camera features, helping users to make quick-thinking decisions in those split-second scenarios.  Ever thought of achieving that perfect jump-in-mid-air during your travels? The AI powered camera of the HONOR Magic5 Pro does that. Attending a sporting event but got no camera prepared? The HONOR Magic5 Pro solves that with AI motion capture. HONOR Magic5 Series to debut at MWC 2023 The AI-powered camera feature is one to be excited about, displaying the revolution of mobile photography. That’s what the HONOR Magic5 Pro is all about, making its way to the world at MWC 2023. For the full reveal of the magical HONOR Magic5 Pro, stick with us for MWC 2023 on February 27th 2023.