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As 2022 comes to an end, people everywhere are reflecting on their year and sharing it with the world. We all love a good wrap-up and can scroll through #2022eras on TikTok, Spotify Wrapped playlists, Meta’s Year in Review and Newsprint reading habits for hours on end. From the highs to the lows, the chapters you’ve opened and closed, the exciting milestones you’ve achieved and inspiration you simply wish to share, even down to the hilariously cringe moments – these life snippets deserve a place in our hearts and our social media channels!   Although wrap-ups may seem easy to create, it’s not just about sewing together your favourite photos or videos from your Gallery and calling it a done deal. There are endless ways to add depth and creativity to your content… like adding filters and stickers to convey how you felt about these specific moments you experienced or choosing the right music to set the tone. It’s the little details that can make your content much more impactful and endearing. After all, wrap-ups tell the story of who YOU are, so here are some tips to tell a compelling one.   Create a #2022Eras Story or Highlight Reel in 3 steps with Samsung Galaxy’s Camera Gallery #1 – Open the Gallery app and pick your favorite photos throughout the year. Use the Gallery’s full suite of tools to edit and add to your images. Adjust the colour and settings to make your photos look exactly the way you want and choose from an array of filters and stickers to add some fun and personality along the way. Or try Suggestions, which automatically recommends edits to make your photos pop.   #2 – In Gallery, make a Story or Highlight Reel. For a Story, go to More and choose Create Story in the dropdown menu. Now, you can select your favorite photos to create a slideshow of memories. For a Highlight Reel, click on More and Create Highlight Reel, then an automatic reel will be created. To customise it, you can go to the main menu to change the music track or video format. For advanced options, click Edit, where you can adjust the duration; add, delete, or rearrange clips; add text; adjust the music and volume; or change the aspect ratio. Once you’re happy with it, click Done.   #3 – Save and then click Share to instantly post your 2022 lookback on TikTok and Instagram with the hashtag #withGalaxy     With the right tools, anyone can create the best content that they’d be proud to share and look back on years from now. So, get your photos and videos ready and go relive your 2022 with Samsung Gallery. Add the hashtag #withGalaxy, so that everyone can reflect along with you. Here’s to an amazing 2023!   Alternatively, you may read all about it on Samsung Malaysia Newsroom: https://news.samsung.com/my/wrapping-up-your-2022-highlights-withgalaxy