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Who says being a student can’t be glamorous? Campus life should be more than just deadlines, hoodies, and chronic sleeplessness — the proof is all there in Syaa’s many social media profiles. With a flourishing portfolio of online streaming and content creation under her belt, the young firecracker is a prime example of how to pave your own path in the competitive world of online video content. All you need is a little initiative, a little savviness, and a little help from the all-in-one smartphone powerhouse: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.
Student by Day, Sensation by Night
Describing the Galaxy Z Flip4, Syaa’s three adjectives of choice are: aesthetic, awesome, and pocket-friendly. In other words: the smart companion for a busy bee on the go. As a full-time degree student, Syaa squeezes in hours of content creation in-between classes, assignments, and a hectic schedule, a tall task for even the most put-together of creators. 
Naturally, one of her top pastimes is vlogging. The Z Flip4’s tiny, portable form factor allows Syaa to create anywhere, anytime — like having a little recording studio in the palm of her hands, always ready to document a particularly thoughtful quip or an exciting once-in-a-lifetime moment. But truthfully, the young influencer finds joy in sharing simple slice of life vlogs, such as a day in her life as a student and the beauty of nature all around. 
When the weather is nice and she makes her way to class from her room, all she has to do is hit record, let it run for a few minutes, then add a song to it and voila. “With the Cover Screen feature, I can use it as a mirror so that I can see myself while recording with the back camera. Then flip mode can be utilised as a camcorder when I hold your phone.”
Hurrying to class one day, Syaa paused to vlog with the Z Flip4’s Cover Screen camera. “I was surprised at how smooth and intuitive the experience was, from stunning video quality, to noise reduction, to the flawless frame rate of the entire video.” Many possibilities have opened up for her now in terms of content creation because of this phone. “Ever since I started using it as my daily driver for recording content, my mind is constantly buzzing with ideas for new video angles.”
Hitting the Books… and the Looks!
When it comes to “business”, Syaa checks her notifications on the cover screen without ever opening the phone, a favourite shortcut to her jet propelled student life and packed schedule. “By double tapping the cover screen, I can view all my notifications and quickly reply! Saves my time as always!”
Of course, any savvy influencer worth their following also understands the importance of staying glam throughout the day. Enter: the Galaxy Z Flip4’s FlexCam, which lets budding fashionistas take effortless #OOTD shots at different folded angles without the use of a tripod or any external gear. Together with the instant review function of the Cover Screen photo previews, the Z Flip4 becomes a vehicle for infinite creative photoshoot possibilities. 
“Just flip and snap!” Syaa exclaims. “It’s really that simple. I love how much control the Z Flip4 gives me over my photo sessions with its unparalleled flexibility. It lets me go for dynamic, stylish shots without even breaking a sweat. The wide spectrum of angles makes me feel like a real fashion photographer, all with minimal fuss.”
From photos to videos, from self-expression to content creation, this one-of-a-kind phone opens up a world of one-of-a-kind experiences, no matter the occasion or the location. If Syaa’s hearty endorsement is anything to go by, there’s a lot to love and discover with the Galaxy Z Flip4.
For more information on the Galaxy Flip4, go to https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-z-flip4/