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 With a week remaining till the Malaysian launch of the HONOR X9a 5G, HONOR Malaysia has released another promotional video teasing its key features featuring long battery life. 

In their second promotional video , the men’s doubles champion of the 2022 BWF World Championships duo of Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik took the HONOR X9a 5G for a spin in their day to day adventures. The duo can be seen doing what any Malaysians would do on an everyday scene, video calls, tuning into songs, photo snaps, gaming, video browsing and the lot. With only 43% battery level at the start of the day to carry out all-day activity, HONOR X9a 5G is proving its capability to withstand long hours of phone activity and potentially solving battery drainage concerns of any modern smartphone owners. What’s more, the HONOR X9a 5G is said to be giving all the necessary power boost required for any user that is only required once every two days, instead of a common everyday charge. Here’s the video: https://www.facebook.com/HonorMY/videos/608295184632705 

HONOR X9a 5G is one of the slimmest smartphones out there carrying a battery above 5000mAh

With smartphone becomes a necessity for the growing world of tech, basically everything revolves around owning a reliable smartphone. From work, travel to entertainment and social interactions all requires a decent device that carries all the above and more with beauty and technology becoming luxurious thoughts. Battery life is becoming essentially critical in selecting one for your choice. The HONOR X9a 5G carries a whooping large 5100mAh. The number has a significant meaning to it considering the battery is built-in within a 7.9mm slim body and weighs a total of 175g, giving an aesthetic touch and a practically lightweight smartphone for an easy carry everyday use.


Here’s another catch. The smart saving solution that HONOR has been working back at its R&D force has been included in the HONOR X9a 5G, with phone charging only needed every 2 days rather than the regular daily charge. According to the test data, at full capacity the HONOR X9a 5G is capable of running the YouTube Music for up to 29 hours, a 24 hour YouTube video binge, 19 hours of TikTok browsing, 21 hours of social media browsing, or game play for 11 hours . In addition, the HONOR X9a 5G supports a 40W super fast charging, with a 30-minute juice providing a non-stop 12.5 hours watch of YouTube videos . This is a game changer.

A smartphone that gives a powered battery is something to be pleased about, as the mobile experience can now be uninterrupted, thanks to its long lasting battery life, this is what the HONOR X9a 5G can offer to users who are keen for an all-day without worry usage. Equipped with a hard-core OLED curved screen and a 5100mAh lightweight and slim body, the HONOR X9a 5G is bound to bring an experience that surpasses various expectations of a luxury smartphone. 

Be sure to tune in to witness the HONOR X9a 5G’s long lasting battery in all its glory, coming to you live exclusively on HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook page. For all that’s new on HONOR X9a 5G, stick with us on HONOR official’s website or HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook page. See you there!

For more details, please visit: https://www.hihonor.com/my/new-launch/