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 Architect, content creator and musician, Wan Imar Izzat is THE quintessential man-with-a-plan. From envisioning inspirational spaces to pouring his heart out online and onstage, his trusty Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is the key to flexing his creative side to the fullest.

ABC: Always Be Creating

The thing about inspiration; you never know what, when and where it’s going to hit you. To always be prepared Wan Imar relies on the Taskbar[1] feature on the phone, which enables him to access and switch between apps faster and more conveniently. With nothing more than a swish and flick of his finger, Wan Imar can quickly go from compiling an architectural mood-board on Pinterest to recording melodic riffs and catchy beats on the Voice Recorder (watch our John Mayer!), and even practicing the latest moves for his next TikTok video!

Initially skeptical about the portability of the phone given its multiple brilliant features in relation to its size, he is now a firm believer of this “intelligent, sharp, and advanced” device, which he never leaves home without. The S Pen is also never out of his reach. “I am always on the go, so the user-friendly S pen has transformed the way I do my tasks; from documenting and recording, sketching and planning at a whole new level,” relates Wan Imar.

As an architectural designer, both the phone and pen go above and beyond, in terms of everyday use, app assistance and functionality. The multitask bar functions like a giant computer, mobile phone and planner all in one. “In architecture, we are required to sketch, calculate and brainstorm at any given time and place. This represents what the Galaxy Z Fold4 is all about – the intelligence, durability and ability to assist in all kinds of functionality involving Architectural Design.”

Details, Details, Details

With a form factor that doubles its screen size just by unfolding, Wan Imar is able bring his visions to the screen by sketching ideas on his very own portable sketchbook. “The finest detail can make or break any project, such as the placement of a window, the height of a doorknob, the elevation of a step; these are the things that provide identity and functionality to any given space,” he explained.


With a spacious digital landscape to play with, the Galaxy Z Fold4 allows him to sketch out his ideas down to the tiniest detail. Not to mention, the camera allows this modern Renaissance man to capture endless design inspirations and moments.

“Thinking outside the box is something everyone is encouraged to do, but turning brilliant dreams into actual reality takes grit, discipline and organisation,” says Wan Imar. “Luckily for me, my Galaxy Z Fold4 is built to take care of all the nitty gritty, which gives me all the space I need to unfold my creativity.”

From phone to personal assistant, from mood-board to mini recording studio, the Galaxy Z Fold4 stands up and stands out.

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