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With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Flip 3, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung also releases their latest flagship true wireless earbuds – The Samsung Galacy Buds 2 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pra brings you more new updates and incremental improvements compared to their last generation. Well, after a week use of the Buds Pro 2, we really impressed as it is so comfortable on our ears.

The Design 

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 comes lighter which is at 5.5grams when it compared to the Buds Pro (6.3g). And for those who are not aware, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro brings you with the matte texture, rubberized plastic case with the square round shape. And it is beautifully made and give you a elegant touch of it . What makes it better is they comes with the strong internal magnets that pull the buds into the case perfectly! The design is superbly well done and tip top. The bud’s design perfectly matche the case where it bring you with the same matte , rubberized texture coats the outside of each earbud, and the inside is smooth plastic. The buds comes with a vent to relieve the pressure from ANC and for those who are concern about water or sweat in your buds, no worries! The Buds comes with the IPX7 rating where you have no worries of all these issues anymore.

The Ear Tips

The Ear Tips comes in three sizes which is at 11 mm, 13 mm and 15 mm. You can choose which is more comfortable to your ears. You can also use the app’s Fit Test to ensure you get the right set of ear tips for your buds. With this you will assured that it is comfortable to your ears. Aside from that, Samsung had added a vent inside of the earbuds and it will definitely help to relieve the pressure. And of course, the tiny stature means they will be beautifully tucked into your ear, leaving very stickying out from the side of your head. It is a design Samsung adopted early on for its earbuds and subsequent models have continued to be satisfyingly svelte. The Features  As like many of Samsung Earbuds, one can setup their Galaxy Buds 2 Pro easily via their Galaxy Wearable Apps on their Android Device. Some of the things in the apps where you can find out including the battery percentage for both the earbuds together with the case. They also complete with the main screen where one can know. Some of the features includes enabling/disabling Voice Detect, 360 audio, touch controls, and finding lost earbuds. Voice Detect is Samsung’s new feature that can tell when you’re speaking and automatically activate ambient sound while lowering the audio volume for quick conversations. Asides from that, the Galaxy Wearable Apps also brings you with detailed setting such as the EQ presets, an earbud fit test, read notifications, hands-free Bixby, ambient sound during calls, in-ear detection for calls, seamless connection with some Samsung devices, neck stretch reminders, and Labs features. The features also complete with the Accessibility section that will let you to adjust the left/right balance. Here, you can also choose to keep ANC active when you remove one earbud (the Buds 2 Pro turns it off by default) and you can adjust ambient sound volume and tone for your hearing. Some assistance with amplifying environmental audio isn’t new for earbuds, but it’s nice that Samsung offers a degree of customization here.

The Battery

As for the battery performances; Samsung promises up to five hours of listening time with ANC enabled on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Unfortunately, that’s unchanged from the previous model and on the lower end of new earbuds these days. You’ll get an additional 18 hours with the charging case, or if you disable noise cancellation, you can expect up to eight hours with 21 more via the case. As for Buds2 Pro, the charging is pretty fast even though there is no fast charge capacity.

The Sound 

There is a big upgrade on its sound. The audio quality had been upgraded to 24-bit/48kHz Hi-Fi sound processing. Samsung’s new Seamless Codec (SSC) allows 256 times more sound data to be transmitted from your device to the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Samsung also made improvements to its 360 audio. This is where it is a stereo-based multi-channel setup, so the sound never truly felt like it was coming from every direction. Asides from that, Samsung mentioned that the ANC on the Buds 2 Pro is 40 percent better than the Buds Pro. And It is indeed real, we have tried using them in malls and also in busy places and it was indeed a shock to us on this. We hardly can hear them and is superbly good especially you are in meeting. Overall , I am impressed with the Samsung Buds2 Pro as it bring me with much more convenient. I am in love with it as it is filled with major improvements in quality and feature. For those who are looking for Samsung Buds2 , check out their official page at