OPPO joins the FIDO Alliance, accelerating the arrival of a new era of ‘password-less’ sign-ins

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 OPPO announced today that it had joined the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance, and open industry association with a mission to develop authentication standards that reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. As a member of the Alliance, OPPO will support the development and implementation of the latest FIDO standards for ‘password-less’ logins, utilizing basic public passkey cryptography and the protocols defined by FIDO to provide users with fast, user-friendly, and secure sign-in experiences across services. OPPO will also work closely with other members of the Alliance to develop and promote FIDO Authentication certifications to mitigate the over-reliance on password-only logins with different services. 


Today’s average internet user has dozens of online accounts, making managing a large number of passwords a very time-consuming and frustrating task for both users and organizations. At the same time, password-only authentication methods suffer a few severe setbacks. These range from the high administration costs involved in changing and resetting user passwords to the considerable security risks from weak passwords and password reuse across multiple accounts. As such, there have been calls across the technology industry to move towards a sign-in mechanism that can mitigate the reliance on passwords or even replace them entirely. 

Founded in 2012 to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords, the FIDO Alliance works to develop standards for password-free identity authentication and login for websites, services and applications worldwide. The Alliance’s latest authentication specification, FIDO2, provides a secure and convenient technical framework supported by companies including Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm. 

Following its entry into the FIDO Alliances, OPPO will actively use FIDO standards on its smart devices and work on optimising user experiences and improving authentication security. In the future, users can use OPPO smartphones to work as a “passkey” to log in to different services across browsers, apps, and platforms, which helps to create a seamless connected experience. When using multiple smart devices, including new devices and nearby devices belonging to others, users can automatically access their FIDO credentials on the core OPPO device without re-enrolling every account on other OS platforms or browsers.  

AS a member of the FIDO Alliance, OPPO will also join the different technical and regional FIDO working groups, through which OPPO will make technical contributions to bringing password-free login technology to more use cases and services. 

In the digital world, greater information flows lead to greater security challenges. Through its brand proposition of “Inspiration Ahead”, OPPO will work with partners across the industry to create more secure and convenient password-free connected experiences that enable new intelligent experiences for more users.