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Canon Marketing Malaysia (“Canon”) today announced the launch of the new imagePRESS V1000, a powerful cut-sheet digital colour press designed to help commercial and in-house print service providers (PSPs) enhance work efficiency with task automation. Empowering PSPs to explore new business opportunities in the production printing market, the versatile imagePRESS V1000 prints on a wide variety of media and produces an extensive range of applications – from business cards and direct mails to booklets, posters, and other creative marketing collaterals. Additionally, the imagePRESS V1000 delivers maximum productivity, consistent quality and reliability to boost production capabilities, establishing it as the first in the imagePRESS next generation lineup. 

“We are delighted to introduce the brand-new imagePRESS V1000 to the market in response to the growing surge of business requirements in the production field,” said Mr. Masato Yoshiie, Senior Director of Business Imaging Solution Centre, Canon Marketing Malaysia.

“The remarkable digital colour press provides PSPs the flexibility to handle a variety of applications thanks to its numerous captivating formats and incredibly broad media capability. To assist operators with day-to-day production challenges, the imagePRESS V1000 integrates a number of productivity-enhancing features. Task automation is now simple and less invasive to produce prints of excellent quality, freeing up valuable time used to develop new business prospects.”

Effective Task Automation 

With a strong emphasis on task automation, the imagePRESS V1000 helps PSPs ensure colour repeatability and registration alignment effortlessly. The Inline Spectrophotometers (ILS) allow operators to easily perform advanced colour adjustments such as engine linearisation, colour profile creation, G7® calibration, and colour validation in a short span of time with minimal operator intervention. A new Precision Registration Technology helps operators ensure the alignment of duplexed sheets remain accurate and consistent during long production runs; while an optional Sensing Unit automatically detects prints with mismatched colour settings and adjusts accordingly. 

The imagePRESS V1000 also comes with two front-end controller options: the PRISMAsync Print Server and the imagePRESS Server D3000. The PRISMAsync Print Server helps PSPs boost production capacity and provides a common workflow across Canon’s production printing offerings. An Automated Colour Task feature streamlines multiple colour setup functionalities into a single action, providing hands-off automation with ease. Powered by the Fiery FS500 Pro system software, the imagePRESS Server D3000 adds new functionalities to include familiar workflow and prepress features. The Express Media Colour Manager and Auto Recall combined with the ILS delivers swift colour management on an intuitive interface.

Productive Print Operations 

Integrated with POD-SURF(Surface Rapid Fusing), the imagePRESS V1000 effectively maintains a consistent print speed of 100 ppm on coated and heavy media types up to 400 gsm, sustaining high efficiency when printing complex and mixed media jobs. The optional Multi-Drawer Paper Deck when used with the Bypass trays boost the paper input capabilities to create a wide array of premium applications. Together with remote alerts, operators can change media, toner and remove toner waste while keeping the imagePRESS V1000 running for maximum productivity. 

High Quality and Reliability 

The imagePRESS V1000 features an innovative cooling system that cools paper immediately after fixing. Minimizing the risk of warping, sticking or bricking, not only does the new cooling system ensure optimum print quality, but also avoiding potential waste for the best cost-efficiency. Moreover, A new transfer technology creates the ideal transport path for each sheet of paper during the printing process, and ensures even colour distribution when operators switch between media types with different weights during printing. 


The latest imagePRESS V1000 will be available in September 2022. For any sales inquiries, please contact Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. directly at 1800-18-2000.