HONOR 70 to blow away image capture expectations with the highly respectable debut IMX800 Super Sensing Camera

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 With teasers now for the public eye to see, HONOR is not holding back on revealing more on its next mega launch – with now a confirmed HONOR 70 to make waves into the Malaysian scene. HONOR’s latest flagship release will feature Sony’s IMX800 Super Sensing Main Camera – consists of 50MP that doubles the ultrawide and macro cameras – alongside a 2MP depth sensor. Sample shots can be seen to indicate a professional level of smartphone photography.

HONOR 70 the world’s first taking Sony’s next-gen IMX800 sensor

HONOR is no stranger in going for cutting-edge technology and the HONOR 70 proves just that, as it will soon make its debut as the world’s first smartphone to with the IMX800 sensor. Coming with the numbers, a 1/1.49 sensor and a large aperture of f/1.9 is a sign of things to come, bringing ultra-photography to new heights. In comparison with the IMX766 that is commonly used by mainstream flagships, the IMX800 that is embedded in the HONOR 70 propelled the dynamic range by 23%, beating its predecessor in terms of clarity, quality and low-light performance. Smartphone photographers have been heavily reliant on camera sensors, with now the HONOR 70 taking photography performance to the next level for its low night, backlit and night shooting scenes.


Low Light and Backlit Photography Supreme 

Taking the honor as the first smartphone to be equipped with Sony’s IMX800 Super Sensing Camera, photography performance is much to be expected. Thanks to the reputable sensor, low light shooting is now a clearer shot with lesser noise, giving an overall achievement to smartphone snapshot. Photo samples shown that even in a backlit scene, the HONOR 70 handles the low light settings like a champ, giving the right details of the background without overexposing while retaining the rich details of the overall atmosphere.


Ultrawide Camera for a Larger Point of View

The other main camera features 50MP with 122 degrees of ultrawide lens, supporting a 2.5cm macro shooting at the same time. This makes the HONOR 70 a rare find with such camera advantage and with the same price range. The photo samples revealed the angled shots with the HONOR 70 showing little to no distortion under the 50 high megapixel shooting, with just the right amount of color and brightness control. Macro wise, the HONOR 70 intelligently switches when it gets too close to a subject, making clear crisp shots within a close distance possible. 

HONOR 70 the one to behold

With the HONOR 70 taking an upgrade into photography, there is more to be excited as HONOR reveals more on what’s to come. With a highly intelligent imaging platform – HONOR Image Engine that will dazzle each photography shot, the HONOR 70 is one to behold through the IMX800 main camera. There’s much more to be unfold, so be excited and stay tuned on HONOR Malaysia’s official Facebook page and website for everything related to the soon-to-arrive HONOR 70.