Why the Galaxy A73 5G is This Adventurous Photographer and Videographer’s Pick for Out-the-Door Shootings

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 A well-captured photograph is worth more than a thousand words. Taken in mere seconds, a photograph can present a narrative, evoke emotions, and even bring current issues to light. For a photographer and videographer like Bryan Goh, who is known for his architectural and nightlife shots, it is essential that he gets to share his creative perspective and educate the world about his experiences.


Convenience and performance are key for Bryan when it comes to outdoor shootings. “Not only can I shoot with an extremely high-resolution camera, but I can also source ideas and information simultaneously with the hyper-fast 5G connection. What more could I ask for?” expressed the photographer when asked about his user experience with the Galaxy A73 5G. With its advanced camera system, this model has the highest specs within the Galaxy A Series family. It is equipped with an Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) 108MP main camera, giving any user the highest quality they are seeking from a compact device.


Mirroring his motto “dare to be different”, Bryan constantly pushes himself beyond the limits of his creativity, allowing him to conquer his fears and the Galaxy A73 5G definitely fits the bill. As a risk-taker, Bryan believes that it is important that a camera system can provide the stability and sharpness he seeks since he is always exploring and taking calculative risks – like walking on the edge of a building – to ensure he gets the perfect shot in an instant. “Combined with the OIS feature, the night mode is brilliant too because I no longer need a tripod to shoot in the low-light environment,” said Bryan.


Post-shooting, Bryan finds the adaptive brightness of the Galaxy A73 5G’s large Super AMOLED+ display to be one of the key features he values.  Since he spends a lot of his time working in low-light environments, Bryan shared that the help of Eye Comfort Shield prevents his eyes from straining and gives him more opportunities to shoot his contents without having to rush. Besides that, he finds the internal storage of 256GB to be incredibly useful. “Never will I have to miss out on the best moments throughout my adventure, ever.” He happily expressed. 


Along with Link to Windows, this photographer gets to enjoy a seamless experience – even when he is multitasking. When connected to a laptop or tablet, one can easily mirror their phone’s screen, view notifications, transfer photos and footage and even answer calls and messages at the same time – perfect for a busy professional like Bryan. 


If you are looking for a great device to kickstart your photography journey, the Galaxy A73 5G is available for purchase in any Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Dealers and Samsung Malaysia Online Store. Until 31st August 2022, enjoy great savings when you trade in your eligible device and receive an additional rebate of up to RM150 added to the base trade-in-value[1]. Additionally, get 20% OFF Samsung Care+ Accidental & Liquid Breakage or Breakdown Plan for up to 2 years when you purchase the new Galaxy A73 5G[2]. Lastly, with each purchase of the device, you can rest easy as you get to enjoy 6 months of OneDrive 100GB cloud storage for free[3] – no more worries about the lack of storage in your device!


For more information on the Galaxy A73 5G, check out: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-a/galaxy-a73-5g-awesome-mint-256gb-sm-a736blghxme/