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Being a mother, we wanted to give the best to our babies and families. As you know, I had recently delivered a baby and we would love to bring a better air for our family. I gotten myself the Cosmo Pro where they are one of the most advanced air purifiers in Malaysia. We started thinking getting the Cosmo Pro Air Purifier due to my new born baby. As baby are pretty fragile and their immune system are not fully build, we have decided to purchase one for our home usage and also ensuring the healthy environment for our family. Why We Love Cosmo Pro? 1. Fast Logistic  The delivery was fast and also in scheduled. They are well packed and well -arranged by their logistics. The process of delivery the product is really impressive to me. It is a great process where purchasing the product only need less than 5 minutes and it can be purchase via online. 2. Comes with 5 in 1 HEPA Filter  And this time, this model comes with a revolutionary 5-in-1 HEPA and an AI-powered PM2.5 Sensor.  With the 5 in 1 HEPA filter, it is the ultimate filter which is proven to filter all kinds of the air pollutants such as pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke and more. And we understand that Cosmo’s HEPA Filters have pores that are up to 20 times finer than your average HEPA filters, hence ensuring that it traps the fine pollutants it promises you to. Comparing another HEPA filter with COSMO’s Hepa Filter, it uses the Medical Grade H13 Filter which can filter more than just the normal HEPA filter too! It comes with 3 filter where: 1st filter – Pre filter to intercept large suspended particles such as hair, dust, lint and fur 2nd filter – Cosmo Anti Bac Shield to remove micron particles and block bacteria, pollen, dust mites. 3rd filter  – H13 + Medical grade  HEPA filter to remove micron particles and block bacteria 4th filter – Activated Carbon Filter to neutralise odours and absorb formaldehyde 5th filter  – Photocatalyst Filter to kills harmful substances through light energy 3. Cover up to 100m2 using its 360 Structural Design The Cosmo Pro able to cover a large area. With the 360-degree structural design, Cosmo Pro is able to cover large area of up to 100m2 where it can cover quite a large space such as kitchen, living room, bedrooms and toilets. 4. Super Silent With the sound level almost a whisper at 20dB; you are assured that it would not disturb your sleep. I really enjoyed the overall experience as I do not even know that the purifier is there. It is one of the key especially you have an infant in your home. 5. UVC Disinfection   This purified also has a UVC lamp to kill microbes, disinfect within minutes . 6. Compact and sleek design  The machine complete with the height of 58cm and width 29cm. It is really light and it makes is convenient to move around the home. Even though is light and giving you the sleek design, no worries about the performance as Cosmo give you twice as powerful performance too. 7. Controllable through an app with wifi  Asides from that, if you are not around or forget to turn off the purifier, you can now do it at the comfort and without worrying. I can turn on and off just a few clicks and able to monitor the air quality via the app on my phone. Isn’t that cool? 8. 20 days free trail & 5 years Warranty Oh ya, they comes with 20 days free trail. And if you are not satisfied, you can return the products. The products comes with a 5-year warranty (subject to terms & conditions) Learn more about the Cosmo Air Purifier : https://airpurifier.com.my/