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Christmas is coming soon and is time to buy some sweet gift for your family and loved ones. And this time, wow them with a great gift from XROUND VERSAEarphones. The XROUND VERSA Earphone is a must to have regardless a gift to your bestie or even for your love ones. I got them with no regrets for my gamer husband where he love it so much!

For those who are not aware, the XROUND Product is the crowdfunding product from Taiwan which was impressively successful. With more than 10,000 backers that bought the Versa, it is also received a great reviews and feedback from the users as well. With this successful story about XROUND, you will definitely love it !


XROUND was founded by top-notched, passionate digital signal processing (DSP) audio experts, designers, engineers, and audiophiles. Today, the number of users worldwide has exceeded 200,000 people after successful launching in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, USA, etc. in the past 4 years.

The VERSA, The Earbuds is such a Perfectionist.  Honestly , comparable to many, I tried using it while cooking and listening to songs or even when i am eating outside. I am not afraid that the earbuds falling down or even drop to my food. I encounter that many times with other brands earbuds, but not with this Versa. With the ergonomically designed ear fins, patented ear tips, and Hi-Fi balanced Drivers, Versa is dedicated to giving you the best wearing experience and redefine your hearing experiences. The highlights of the Versa is they are using the Bluetooth Version 5.0 Class 2 which also support SBC,AAC and aptx.

Comparing to many earbuds, the delay time is really short and that’s make gamers like my husband love this so much especially he is playing games and delay in the audio is definitely a no no. Asides from that, the ear grip is so good as it does not drop easily. We have tried many and really need to be careful whenever we are using them outside but for this, he is happily walking everywhere using them with no worries. With the wireless range at10 m and the battery life which is at 8 hours (charging case 32 hours); you can now enjoy your earphone throughout the day without worrying. Not just that, the product comes with the type C charging case which makes things much more easier where you can charge your case much more easier as well. The product also comes with the small packaging which is easy to carry around either in you can slip them in your bag or in your pocket easily. I am just loving the compact size of it which makes it easier to carry around.

What I love about is the XROUND VERSA Earphone is completed with the ultra-high sound quality which comes with the four acoustic technologies, high-definition call technology, titanium-plated monomer, full balanced output, three-dimensional tuning 4.5g extreme lightweight. They are just perfect to use at anytime while walking, shopping or even doing exercise as well.

And what’s special is you can charge your XROUND VERSA with the Qi Certified Wireless Charging pad. This pad supports the  XROUND VERSA, 5W Normal Charging, iPhone 7.5W Fast Charging, and Samsung 10W Fast Charging. They come thin, and elegant which makes the whole home looks beautiful with it. You can now purchase the Versa from their website at : https://xround.pros.is/3ar96j For more information, checkout XROUND IG: https://www.instagram.com/xround_audio_my/ XROUND FB: https://www.facebook.com/xround.audio.my/