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Being a on to go person, always out for events, and on calls and social media most of the time, my phone is definitely my life. I always have at least 2-3 powerbank in my handbag and sometimes I carry my charger along. There is always hassle where we forgot about the USB cable we use to charge and keep buying them when emergency. Recently, I got this InstantGo Powerbank from InfinityLab which I am happy to have them. For those who are not aware, InfinityLab is a power accessory brand that delivers sustainable, charging devices that enables consumers to stay connected through technology at home, work and on-the-go which launched on 2021 in Malaysia, it’s the newest brand under HARMAN International (, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co, LTD. And with InfinityLab Instant Go Powerbank in 10,000mAh; I am so happy with the performance and have a great experience using them. The powerbank features with the Intergrated USB-C  able and  with additional 2 ports to charge your devices where one is USB C input and another is the USB A input. The powerful InfinityLab InstantGo 10000 Built-in USB-C Cable lets you safely charge up to three devices simultaneously, even a small laptop. For a quick boost, it can get you to 50% in no time! Asides, from that the powerbank comes with the slim, compact, pocket-sized design. They comes with compact design, and they comes with the pocket sized design. The Compact Design of the InstantGo 10,000 Built-in USB-C Cable that makes it portable cable which makes it portable and easier on the go,
They are also using Eco Materials and Packaging which makes it more earth-friendly where they use 90% of recycled plastic and FSC-certified packaging printed with the organic soy ink. For more information, checkout their website  Lazada : Do follow their Instagram as well @ @infinitylab.apac #InfinityLab #InfinityLabMalaysia #LifeUninterrupt #mlaaysianfoodie #powerbank