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Having 101 electrical products is already a norm to our living and for me, i have Android Phones, ipads, and powerbank to charge daily. Bringing to many charger out is indeed very troublesome. Not just that, taking one by one out to charge is also pretty troublesome as well and this g PowerJoy 30C USB wall charger is an attempt to solve this problem.
The PowerJoy 30C USB-C Wall Charger is  a wall charger with a USB-A and a USB-C ports.This lets you charge two items at the same time and they comes with travel plugs with it. With this you can use it in most countries without buying any other adapter.
This is a great compact USB C charger, and it also does a great job of charging up an iPhone using the normal USB A port that is right next to the USB C port. The charger is compatible with 10V to 240V, so you just need to swap the plugs to use it anywhere you travel. Some of the highlights includes : -Each of these ports have dynamic power sensing (called SmartBoost) that automatically selects the optimal power output to charge your device, usually being 35% faster than stock chargers. -The InnerShield feature protects devices from short-circuiting, voltage surges and over-heating. -The charger is extremely power efficient. -The charger is made of durable material. Innergie claims that it can handle temperatures -upto 120 degrees Celsius. -The charger has been designed in such a way that it occupies as little space as possible and avoids blocking other sockets if plugged into a power strip. -The compact design also ensures that it can be easily carried in a jeans pocket.
Verdict: I love it as the size is compact and they comes with interchangeable plugs. Simply convenient when I am travelling. Not just that, they also comes with the fast charger capacity where we can easily charged our phones faster as well. Great use when we are travelling. I tried them when I am in a café sitting around an hour, and I can have my phone charged with full capacity.