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I am indeed a forgetful person especially I am panic or rushing out of time. And having children at home sometimes things get misplaced easily as our constration is on our children especially.
Thanks to TAG LA where it is really a great invention that definitely helps me so much when I am rushing my time and could not find my keys, handphones and many other important things.  It is always a norm for many of us where
For those who are not well understand what TAG La does, TAG La comes in 6 choice of colors ;- Black , Red, Yellow, Green , Blue and White. My TAG La came in Blue and using is simply simple.
It is simply easy to use where what you need is to download the apps “ TAG La” from Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store.  It is simply easy and what you need is to download the apps and sync it to your TAGLA
La is a Bluetooth device that helps people keep track of their belongings and locate it whenever needed. It operates through a Bluetooth connection from your mobile device that is then linked to the mini portable device. The TAG La device can be left in either the user’s bag or car, as long as the distance between that and the mobile with the app running is 75 feet. Once it is out of range, the connection will be lost and the app will send an alert reminding the user of the left belonging.
And not just that, the app will mark the location once the user is out of range and the app disconnects from the device.
Overall, after using the product for a week, I find it is simply a great product to use. And it is simply good for forgetful person, old people and many more.
Interested to own a TAG La? Or you’re not very sure what to buy as a gift for your friends and family? You might wanna consider to get this multifunctional gadget! For more information, kindly visit: